Rest Room Sex


The incident happened very Early in our relationship and I suppose it is what pushed her into the daring part of sex, the dark side of the force, if you are a treki (or something like that). We had been out walking on a cold Feb morning in a local park frequented by dog walker, no not doggers, true dog walkers, lol.

Anyway we had done some heavy petting on the benches and was nearly caught on several occasions but finally I was caught short and needed a pee so we walked up the hill to the toilets. My g/f dutifully waited outside and after I finished I got a very naughty mood on me. I went into one of the stalls and ******** off naked and walked out of the toilet door naked. My g/f shrieked and pushed me back into the toilet and into the stall, I could not stop laughing. I reached under her short skirt and quickly pulled down the knitted tights she had on, by this time she too could not stop giggling.

Soon we was kissing and she was ******** down to just her thong it was cold but invigorating.

Suddenly we heard the toilet door opening and we knew someone was in with us, luckily we had put all our clothes on the toilet box behind us. We could hear the guy peeing into the bowl and I decided to make a loud "thrutching" noise, just like I was having a huge dump. My g/f was trying to not laugh but it was almost impossible and I too found it hard to control my giggles.

I think the guy guessed what was going on but he soon left and we were alone again but not for long. This time two guys came in and they started to talk to each other, then a third one came in and stood at the stalls.

So I had to do it. I started to make the noise again but this time my g/f looked at me as if to say "I will chop them off" but my **** was rock hard she turned around to look through the gap at the guys and her arse was up near my face so I did what any man would do, I stuck out my tongue.

she let out a surprised little "Whoop" and even I could see through the gap the guys were curious but by then she was on her way. She was trying her best not to make a noise but she is so loud when she ***’s. I could see the shadows on the floor as one of them had crouched down to see under the stall and after that I could hear whispering. She was almost cumin by now so I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my ****.

As soon as I did so she put her hands on either side of the stall and groaned very loudly. I could see now through the gap between the stall walls and the door that all three guys were conferring. she was grinding her ***** hard now onto my **** and every time it hit the top she would judder and squeal. By now every time she came down she was moaning loudly and the guys outside were trying to get a look through the cracks.

So I flicked the lock open

Within seconds the toilet door was open and the guys had their ***** out trying to get into the stall but it was too small. I was near to cumin by now but she reached out and grabed the nearest **** and guided it to her mouth I just exploded deep into her *****.

She started to scream so I knew she was cumin too so I just turned her around and let her suck my **** and lick it clean, this gave the guy she was sucking a dilemma. I quickly resolved it by pointing at her *** and he promptly shoved it up her ***** from behind.

At first she was shocked but with the flow she let him carry on. He only lasted about 30 seconds ******* her and then exploded into her *****. He must have *** a bucket full because I saw it dribbling down her legs in huge blobs. She could not stop screaming around my ****. I was so horny I *** a second time in her mouth.

She stood up and looked at the guys sheepishly and I said sorry but that’s it for today but they were more than happy. We got dressed and went home with a very complacent smile on our faces.


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Great story.


Now thats a hot story for sure, love it!!

this is also case to us to. we arrange for meet this guy and friend but not got the place for suck or ****. in these toilet is a closet with the holes in walls, b/f call this glory hole, is so sexy but when toilet lock we then go to play in bushes this almost same because I listen to all people walk past when 2 guys and b/f play with me.

Yes, they locked the toilets at our park too! :( My wife and I arranged to meet a fantastic man for a BJ and discovered they were locked. She suggested we go into the baseball dugout (my lovely quick thinking wife) but he got scared and no sex.

No this not so true. we have been to go there few time now but not same now. these toilet are now lock and this so boring in the park, but we find other place for funs. Beth

Well now, I guess it's a dogging park after all!