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My Rules

This isn't about the rules i had before & after being spanked but more about the rules i enforce in my house for my two daughters.As a lot of you know from my previous stories i have two girls aged 13 & 9. Ever since they were 4 they have been smacked on their bare bottoms over my knee when they misbehave. Over the last 6 months or so my eldest has become more & more resistant in accepting her punishment,she will cling onto the waistband of her jeans or hold the sides of her skirts so tightly it literally becomes a struggle to get them down or up as the case may be. she has never been compliant but its getting ridiculous.My youngest will do anything to  delay a spanking,from trying to talk herself out of it to begging & to even sitting behind her bedroom door. Now i have had enough of this behaviour & a couple of days ago sat them down to explain a few changes that are going to take place when they are going to get spanked. Needless to say neither of them were very happy.
 Normally when i announce that their bottoms are getting smacked i send them to their rooms to wait for me or their Dad,this hasn't changed,but now they have to get their chair themselves & put it in the cetre of the room & if i've said what they're going to be smacked with,slipper or hairbrush they have to go get themselves & have it waiting on the chair for when i get there. When i do get to their room gone is the pleading & begging & delaying tactics if this happens they will be grounded all the following weekend,i will no longer be lowering their jeans & panties they will be doing it themselves,if they refuse again they will be grounded all the following weekend. Once i've got them over my knee i'm no longer tolerating the wriggling or the desperate attempts to put their hands over their bottoms,if they do they will be smacked again at bedtime. Once their spanking is over they still have to do corner time,but absolutely no rubbing or clinging onto their bums like their lives depend on it,if i catch them doing either i will smack them again there & then.
 Now as you can imagine there were protests about this,& both the girls sulked for the rest of the evening,now i did explain that to avoid all this all they have to do is behave. It remains to be seen whether all of this goes to plan,if it doesn't i'm going to have to very sore bottomed girls sulking for the whole weekend!!
smackedboarder smackedboarder 41-45, F 21 Responses Nov 4, 2011

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i hope you spank her not like your dad with you

well i still need to be strapped

Sounds like you are doing a good job. Think some of the keys to effective discipline are structure and consistency. Looks like the changes you have implemented were called for and that you are addressing the need being consistent and for providing structure for your girls when the need for discipline arises. <br />
<br />
Like most of us, I'm sure they are not happy about being disciplined. However, in the future, they may well grow to understand the merits of having a loving mother who provides the sort of guidance and direction that can be quite effective in raising responsible young ladies.

I have rules to. kinda like u do with your girls and i hate corner time. U sound like my mom she dont play around at all.

My mom had a saying, "If a mouth oprens and I see a tongue, then I'll turn your bare butt a brighter red."

You seem to be like my parents very strict no nonsense like if wedidn't take our jeans down we would get another spanking at bedtime or the next moning if otk and we put our hand back they would spankextra hard lower and did that hurt if we sqirmed they would put their leg over ours to keep us in place if we were going o get the belt we had to lay on the bed and mom would hold s down and if we struggled to much we would be put in the corner after the belt whipping hands on the wall feet away fom wall to get 15 more slow very hard lashes of the belt After a long time of fighing our spankings we just took them and saved us lots more smaccks so u r doing a good job and 13 s a real bratty know it all age good luck

I'm thinking they should be with the slipper or hairbrush standing with the bare bottom exposed and ready for when you walk into their room.

My mom had a saying, "If I see your mouth open, and I see that tongue move, then your *** is going to be bloody and a much brighter shade of red. If that mouth doesn't open, you're butt will just be basck snd blue."

Wow, JH, she sounds real old school! How often were you punished in each of those two ways, and up to what age?

My mom would send me to bed after spanking me (her hardest spankings always seemed to be at night). As I layed in bed with tears still rolling down my eyes she would often come in my bedroom to lecture me. She would review what I did wrong and tell me if I did it again I would get an even harder spanking next time. After the post spanking lecture I would often feel a deep sense of love towards my mother, I knew that she cared about me. As I drifted to sleep my last thoughts were about how I learned my lesson and will try my best to please my mother by being a good boy.

What are some reasons you spank your children?

You seem to be doing OK with your girls. But I would answer any refusal by using special compliance implements---a cane, bathbrush or holey paddle, (either wood, lexan, or both). Delaying tactics or not being ready with your chair when mom comes in will get you turned around & 5 quick spanks with the bathbrush. Even over jeans it does not feel good. If it's not effective enough, you get 5 extras with the bathbrush at the end of your spanking as well. That really hurts. Refusing to lower their jeans & panties means they get spanked with one of those special implements (cane, bathbrush, holey paddle) until they do. And furthermore, if they get spanked on anything but bare skin, it doesn't count toward the punishment that they're originally there for. You already have an effective answer for too much wiggling & blocking or rubbing & grabbing their spanked bottoms before cornertime is over. .<br />
There really should be no need for grounding, which is labor intensive & grounds you too for their offense.<br />
Just a suggestion for easier spankings,<br />
Nick I

I absolutely support your policies. The fact is that we stopped CP too early for our two ,partly because of these resistance tactics. My wife, on the other hand, got the belt up to leaving home at nearly 18. The old days, lol.

it's funny. All you have to do is behave and NONE of those rules would apply. NOr would there be sore bottoms or groundings. Funny. MY mom once told me if I didnt lie being spanked all I had to do was follow her rules, lol. <br />
<br />
I hope your daughters have better restraint than I did, lol.

They have been better lately,but i think that was more to do with christmas approaching.But if we go back to playing up i will make a point of telling them they could behave so i expect it all the time!!

You sound a strict mum u would have had a problem with me as i used to kick wriggle squirm ect<br />
when spanked what would y have done? ps i still rub my bottom when caned!!!

you would've learned,just like my girls are.

Im just like you were paul! i kick and scream alot.

bearing my comment above in mind, what would you do to me if i kicked you during a spanking? have you ever used a belt on your children?

U sound adorable

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So need for grounding etc. ? What they get in trouble for

Hiya just wondering whether these threats worked or if u had to try out the new rules

The new rules were tried out the other night on both girls.They did'nt like it until a gentle reminder of getting another smacked bottom at bedtime had them complying.

yes my girls had kind rules also after they were 8 they would take there pants an panties down i would not do that an get there spanking an corner time after that sure upset with me but they go about there business mind you they do not sit much rest of the evening so we did not mind them going out after punishment they woulde not have good time an when sitting they know why

It sounds like they're going test you on this -definately make sure there's extra punishment if they dont cooperate whether its more spanking or grounding or whatever

I was beginning to think they had changed awgile since stories

Sounds like you have come up with a good plan. Spankings and groundings can work well together and the threat of more spanking in addition to the one just received for not following the rules should make them think twice! Great work Mom!

I disagree on the grounding; that will only punish smackdboarder with more sulking and such-unless she's going to not allow them out of their room except for meals

i agree i just sapnk an not just light spankings eitehr after that no groundin why should i suffer listering to them
good hard spanking a slate wipe clean

I agree with you that grounding is a punishment for the whole family. However I think a spanking with a very short grounding or restriction is a good idea. Spanked and then no Xbox this weekend or you cannot go to that dance or your friends house this weekend. I would never endorse a spanking and a 1, 2 or 4 week ground, that would be most excessive.

Wow I like ur plan

I hope it works cos i'm at my wits end with the pair of them,lol.I'm sure i wasn't that naughty wheni was their ages!