Thank You Mrs. V.

Third grade, I was struggling in school. I was not focused and just fed up with the ridicule I was getting.
I had a speech impediment, and not many kids were sympathetic. OK, kids just plain laughed at me, and I was always in fights.
Then Mrs. V came along. She got me into a special speech therapy program with the district. It meant I could not participate in Gym class or recess, my two favorite subjects!! She made sure I had a ride every day to the sessions. She took extra time to show me how to do my assignments, and made sure I understood what was being asked of me. All this she did on her time. She also was an excellent Teacher, and made learning fun! I heard she was going to transfer to another school, and I was so disappointed. Then she told me one day, at the end of the year. "Young man, Your in big trouble, I have requested a move to teach fourth grade, so your stuck with me for another year!" I was so impressed! Wow. I was never a top student, but my speech improved dramatically, and by sixth grade it was hard to tell I had a problem except certain words. Her confidence in me, and the way she made learning fun, was outstanding. But her efforts to help me speak normally and fit in with my fellow class mates was way above and beyond the call of duty! She actually cared if I succeeded, and I can say, not many of my teachers over the years did care. They did all want to teach, but few were willing to go that extra step to be sure all students were successful. Thank You Mrs. V.
AnIrishwarrior AnIrishwarrior
56-60, M
Nov 8, 2011