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Mr. Johnson.

He was my best teacher ever. I had him in 6th grade and he made me enjoy school. He went into a time machine and dressed up like kings and made everyone laugh while learning. He helped people with understanding concepts while still having fun. He made me realize that i was a great writer. He made us do this historical fiction story and I took this small assignment and turned it into a HUGE project that ended with me having a 100 page book. He loved it and I was so glad he did.

He also helped me with some more serious problems. My brother passed away that year and I was going crazy. He made me stay stable. He was able to comfort me while I was going through bad depression.

He kept me in line too. He made me respect authority. I had this bad problem back then of telling them everyone to shut up. He found that rude and started making me stay in at recess if I said it. I swear i would do it almost everyday... but i learned from it. I got the hang of expressing myself differently around authority.

I miss him. He has been the only teacher that was able to effect my life so much. I love him (like a father).
valililly valililly 18-21, F 2 Responses Mar 23, 2012

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i'm also a teacher i want to contact with you

That is wonderful. I am sure he would love to know that. Its wonderful when someone can make such a difference. Thanks for sharing.

He was amazing. I am really shy but sometime i am going to go back to my old school and tell him this... or send him a email.

Don't wait. What if he retires? I am sure this would make his day

Well he knows the real you so just say it like it is. I know he would deeply appreciate it. I think you would to. It is good for you to express ourselves in all ways. Showing sincere gratitude would be enlightening for you too. I am also very glad that you are doing well after the loss of your brother.