They Changed My Life

Here's a list of teachers who changed my life:

Mrs.Jane H.G.:

She was my danish teacher(yes i come from Denmark) from 1th grade to 5th grade.She always believed me and she learned me so much.In 1th grade i was really stupid. I didn't even know the difference between b and d.But she kept trying and now I'm pretty good at Danish(A+ in the final test in 6th grade).She moved out from Copenhagen when i was in 5th grade.She still writes our class letters and stuff.But I miss her.

Mr. Franz :

Math teacher.Learned all the basic stuff and made me kinda like math.Was my teacher from 1th grade to 4th.

Mr. Nils Peter:

He always answered my stupid questions like "why is the earth round?".He even gave me a serious,complicated,scientific answers.He treated me like an adult an was like totally smart.He once said that I was really smart for a girl in my age and that i someday will become something big.That made me really happy and worked really hard to get good grades.He was also funny and we had some conversations/debates about topics like politic and science.

Mrs. Nina S. :

She was my funny,sarcastic English teacher.She kept pushing the limit of what we should learn and and how hard it was,of how much we could take.She kept on and we shared a lot of laughs.

Mrs. Robertson:

She was my science teacher.She understud me and kept challenge me in stuff,pushed the boundaries.



All these teachers changed my life...

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