Mr. Shilko The Effin Best Teacher Ever!

Just as it says! Mr. Shilko was my 8th grade science teacher. Now i don't wanna say that he made a huge difference, cause i'm a loser. BUT he almost did. He was punny, talkin about cleavage during the mineral study section. And things like Oh schist. I forget what it is. He had souvenirs from pretty much anything. A giant piece of salt. You know how ions are all in a certain shape? Salt is cuby. So he had a giant cube of salt. A Whale bone... And he knew the answer to every question i ever asked him! Of course i didn't have the questions i have now so idk...But if ever i was going to be something, he would be one of the reasons.
thegrinch thegrinch
18-21, M
Jun 14, 2012