Mr. No Nonsense

Mr. R was the sort of person who treated teenagers like he would anyone else. No sugar coating, or hinder of speech to be politically correct. I greatly admired him for this, and he was an all around favorite at my school. He was my AP biology/ physical ed. teacher - we switched the two courses every other day, it was a perfect way to get more credits in a year. We could always count on him walking into class 15-25 minutes early, daily paper in hand along with a Monster. All of us ranked highly in the subjects he taught during the end of year state evaluation, but most importantly we had fun learning from him as well.

Some quotes:

-On finals:

"I do not, and will not grade on times/percentages on finals...ever. Just improvement. If I have seen you've improved, you will pass this semester. Period. I do not believe in ranking people just due to the knowledge that will be worthless in the real world that school systems want you to memorize, nor for the fact that you can't run as fast as the state of California thinks you should."

-Upon him using his iphone as a stop watch, but for whatever reason it reset while we were running:

"*whistles* Listen up! I am not wasting my time, or your energy by making you all run it over again. So....**** it, you all get A's. "

-The end of the year speech:

"Here's the deal, I'm going to tell you things I shouldn't...but can because it's the last day of school. If any of you find the following of what I am about to say offensive, you could report me. BUT, the school will not recommence for two months and by that time unless I raped one of you, the reports made today will be tossed out.

First off, never kiss someone who smokes. It's like eating out an ashtray. Unless you both smoke, then you won't tell the difference.

In a bar fight make use of what is around you. A chair, a table, and of course broken bottles. Those will save your *** more than anything else. Slice just below the butt on both sides and you have just crippled a person for life, congratulations. That'll teach him for not leaving your girl alone, or if you are a girl... That's for him bugging you all night. If you happen to be on the ground, back of the ankles. That, as you all know from our studies this year is a very sensitive area....This will make said person a gimp.

I find many of the students at this school attractive, no this does not make me a *********. If all you ***** would stop dressing in tight, skimpy things with push up bras there wouldn't be this problem.

Leaving it on that note, have a great summer.

Random classmate: But, we still have a half an hour left of this class...

Does it look like I care? Scram."

I think I'm going to write a few more of these, of each teacher who both made a difference educationally, but were also interesting people as well.
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2012

I think that teacher should have learned how
to express himself-instead of holding back
so much! LOL! :)

Reminds me of my Bio teacher :) someone bought cupcapes for another students birthday and he saw them and asked the student "Are those for me?" The student said no and my teacher said "Well then get the hell out of my room" ...funniest day ever lol

He sounds like an awesome teacher :)