A Few

My English teacher, Sophomore year was really great.  She was very nice and she even admitted that she tried to challenge me more than that other students but it didn't phase me one bit!  I love that she did that for me.

My Biology teacher, Sophomore and Junior years.  She was also a really nice teacher and she made me realize how much I love learning about genetics and how much I would love to study them further.

My English teacher this year (Senior year).  She's a great person over all I think.  She's trying to get us more prepared for college than any of our otehr teachers, she's a fairly harsh grader (which I like because last year was a joke)  Most of all, I think it's amazing that I can walk into the class and hear her and my friend talking about comic books and zombie movies and she knows exactly what he means, yet I can still talk to her about popular books (like Artemis Fowl and Twilight) and have a true intellegent conversation about them.

Last, my French teacher - all four high school years.  She has made me really discover how much I absolutely adore learning new languages and how it's one of the things I am most passionate about - foreign culture.  Thanks to her amazing teaching (I received a few compliments on my French from a friend who lives in Vancouver Canada) I have decided that French is definitely going to be one of my college majors, no matter what else I decide to do.

All four of them women have made big differences in my life.  Whether it was influencing my future or being someone I could share ideas with or writing my college recommendation letters, they all have done something.

axelval axelval
18-21, T
Dec 9, 2008