A Teacher Needs Your Help!

Teachers...I would like to invite you to a network I'm building called "Take Control of your Classroom!" I am trying to get teachers, parents, and students involved in making a positive change in the current ed. system.


<a href="http://teacherstakingcontrol.ning.com">http://teacherstakingcontrol.ning.com</a>


I haven't opened the website to anyone but my mom and my close friends/teachers, but I'd like to invite all this group specifically  to help me get it started because I have seen what sound thinkers you are, and I like what you all have to say.


Will you please, at your convenience, check out the site and perhaps post under one of my brand new forums, or make a new forum, start a group for your state or issue close to your heart, or blog or rant or whatever?


This is my very first website and I'm terrified that no one will like me (lol, just like high school!). Really, though, I want to make a difference out there and I trust this group to provide sound information.


I'd appreciate suggestions, concerns, let me know what I'm missing...just give it to me straight! You guys rock!


<a href="http://teacherstakingcontrol.ning.com">http://teacherstakingcontrol.ning.com</a>


Thanks ya'll and May God Bless and Keep you and yours this New Year!




BekahLoo BekahLoo
Jan 7, 2009