Only the Best

I've had two teachers that have made all the difference.

When I was in fourth grade, I was having a lot of problems in public school, so my mom pulled me out and began homeschooling me. She was my teacher for nine years.

It is only after graduating highschool that I've begun to realize how great an education my mom gave me. 

She taught me how to write correctly; a skill that has served me exceedingly well in college. She showed me how to learn and have fun at the same time. I remeber this time when we were learning how to write a certain kind of nature poem, so we went on a field trip to the beach, where I wrote my poem and then played in the water and sand. This is only one of many examples I could give.

The best thing my mom taught me was how to think for myself, something I fought tooth and nail against until she finally got through my thick skull. Now that I'm in college, I've found this skill increasingly valuable.

My other teacher that has made a difference in my life is my art proffessor.

When I took his Drawing 1 class, I figured it'd just be a fun class that I could get an easy A in... And then I found that I was better at art than I originally thought. In every project that he has assigned, he has helped me push the limits of my abilities. If I ever wanted to try something I'd never done before, he would always get me the supplies and show me the basics of how to use them. Then he would encourage me to explore and play with techniques and methods.

When I decided to go to art school, he helped me formulate questions to ask the college representitives. He's offered to help me put together a portfolio and he has been nothing but encouraging. When I doubted myself and my talent, thinking that I wouldn't be good enough to even get in or that, if I did, I'd be wasting my time, he firmly set me right. He has never given me a bloated view of my own talents.

If it wasn't for my mom or my art teacher, I'd be a much different person and would probably be heading a completely different direction with my life.

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Mar 18, 2009