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Me Too

I think all of my elementary school teachers made a difference in my life. At that time, they really care and want to teach their students everything they can.

My sixth grade Math and Science Teacher, Mr. Erickson, was also amazing.

But, when you get to high school, and sometimes middle school, the teachers don't care as much. They have too many students and can't always keep track of everyone of them. Nope, that wasn't the case with Mr. Carpenter (we all called him "Carp"). He was my English Teacher my freshman year of high school and was a favorite teacher of all his students. He was tough, but loving. He had this system of giving high fives and saying "Atta baby" when you answered a question right. And we had flagships for daily quizzes. If you got every question right in a daily quiz for a straight consective run, you made the flagship for your class. Of course, I was in the flagship, beating out one of the smartest students in our class!

But anyways, that is the kind of teacher that I want to become. I want to teach my students value lessons that they can use in my classroom and beyond. Though, I've decided, I'm crazy, I want to teach Middle School Reading/English. Yep. I'm crazy. But I don't care. I want my career to be a challenge. I want to be their one teacher that cares about their success.

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