5th Grade Teacher

I will always remember my fifth grade teacher Jennifor Brenda or Mrs. Brenda. I will always love her because she was the one who inspired me to read. I dont even remembering reading a book for pleasure until i got into her class. I would always read a book and when i was done with it. She was the first person i told. I would tell her about the characters and story plots .   I must have been really annoying back then. but coming from a family who never read, reading books was something new to me. and i believe i needed someone there to tell me or show me that reading is a great thing. If it wasnt for her I wouldnt have read so many great books. Also Instead of trying to escape my family through drugs or being in the streets, I read a book. Because of that i will always Thank her.

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A very nice story! :)

Thank you for posting it!