My Arm Hurt For Months

In the Spring of 2004, I blocked a blood vessel in my eye (see "Eye Injury") and the eye specialist I went to see put me on a regimen of one 81mg baby aspirin per day. I started this immediately, and with every passing day, my left upper arm became more and more painful. It became harder and harder to lift my arm any length. Right before I stopped
taking the aspirin due to gastrointestinal bleeding (see my entry on this latter also), I could hardly lift my arm at all and even leaning against my arm while sitting had become excruciatingly painful.

I went to a pain specialist. He took X-rays in his office and pronounced that I had arthritis in my neck; something my general practitioner had also said, but which I didn't believe then, and still don't believe. The pain specialist gave me a regimen of moist heat and exercises that were supposed to relieve the pain, but which only made it worse, so I stopped that, as well, after only one performance of the routine.

Shortly after I stopped taking the aspirin (within a week after), the pain in my arm subsided completely, totally without any treatment. When I went back to the pain doctor, whom I couldn't afford to pay, anyway, I had full mobility in my arm without any pain, although when I first went in the previous week, I could hardly raise my arm before me without severe pain.

About a month or so after this pain had subsided, it started creeping back again. I thought it might be the calcium I was taking, because I hadn't been taking it before, but no, after I stopped the calcium, the pain continued. I talked with my general practitioner about the pain again, and asked him if he thought I should see a chiropractor. He ordered MRI's and X-rays and said that their results would prescribe what I needed to do. I never took those tests.

I called a chiropractor who said that his manipulations might help the pain go away and they might not. He also said, as I believed, that I very well might NOT have arthritis and that he would want to give me more X-rays to determine that. I don't know if he gave me a ratio of percentage of possible success vs. percentage of possible failure. However, he was controlling and bossy, too, and I decided not to bother with him, either. He also, however, said that the pain might go away on its own as it had in the past.

So, I waited. Months passed and during that time, I could hardly maneuver to adequately shower. However, one day after several months, I don't know how many, I noticed quite by accident that I wasn't having any more pain and difficulty in moving my arm! The pain had completely subsided on its own, once again. I remain pain free as of this day.

One remark I would like to make about pain radiating down one's left arm is that it can often be a sign of heart disease. I DID have tests for heart disease because of this, but so far, those tests have turned out negative in that regard, and, again, the pain in my arm has completely subsided totally on its own without any treatment. I understand that with this kind of pain, as I mentioned above, that is not unusual.
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For the past month or so I have been having a lot of pain in my upper arms and down the center of my back. I went to the Dr. and she found that my lymph nodes are swollen. She ordered blood work. My white cell count is up but I don't have any infections. They are going to do more blood work in about 2 weeks. I have been going through extreme stress for the past 5 years and I think this is my body's way of rebelling. I would like to know the outcome of what happened on your stories. I'm a little frightened of what may be happening.

I am going thru the same thing right now, but I have pain in both my left and right upper arms between shoulder and elbow like in the fatty muscle part on top...<br />
I have several tattoos, have had for years, I doubt that you pain from above comment is from your tattoo.<br />
I injured my left arm several years ago and had to have therapy on it, so pain is normal for that arm but the pain I'm having in both now are odd and I've done nothing to have this pain start...<br />
I do have arthritis not in my arms, but I also have fibromyalgia and am wondering if that cause upper arm pain too? I'm on no meds for pain and am just tryin to figure out what I can do...

The pain in my right arm started 2 weeks after I got a tattoo. I have loss strenght in my arm and I can even reach the other side of my left arm to wash. I have went to the doctor and all the say is maybe it is in the muscles. I am right handed and I can't even brush my own hair. The doctors won't listen to me so I am at a loss. I think that it has something to due with the tattoo that I had done. I haven't injured this arm in anyway and with Ins. I can't afford to have anyone else look at it. I am also on disibility. What can I do. I have done the cold/warm packs and excersies but nothing works. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyone maybe have an idea? I am up for suggestions.

Hey don't be afraid of arthritis. Get it treated or at least find out what the real problem is. I had two hip replacements and if I had known that the pain I would go through for recovery was less than my everyday pain, I would have done something sooner.