The Lunch Room

Ever have someone that gets you so turned on that they can get you to do things that seem totally unbelievable the next day? Friday was one of those days.

Walking by the lunchroom, I'm immediately taken back to how I was over come with lust as Sexyfeet and I made out against the lunchroom table the night before. She had me very hot and hard and I couldn't take it anymore... I needed to taste her... feel my tongue between the folds of her *****... my hands on that gorgeous ***. I barely took enough time to undo her pants before ripping them down, sat her down and dove into her *****. Sometimes I like to take my time and tease her - this was not one of those times. Sexyfeet's **** tasted divine (as always). It was adorably wet and her **** was perfectly firm. She indulged me for a while, knowing how much I love to play between her legs and then she surprised me (I love her surprises) and said:

"Could we 69? We haven't done that for a while."

I didn't hesitate, "On the lunch room table or on the floor?"

She chose the floor and we both eagerly ******** without thinking about the possibility of being caught or the consequences. We wanted each other bad and our hormones left little will for restraint. Laying on my back, Sexyfeet straddled my face as she took my hard **** in her mouth. Shortly thereafter, she was making the most delightful moans as she bucked her ***** hard against my face, my tongue dancing on her **** as she came.

Then it was my turn, letting her know how good it felt just before my warm *** shot deep in her throat. I do love the way she sucks and handles my ****.

Now I'll admit, usually, after *******, I realize that we're naked in the lunch room at work and that if someone came in the front door, we'd have less than 3 seconds to wipe the *** from our faces and find our hastily abandoned clothes. But this time, without a care in the world, we lay in each other's arms, basking in the delight of total contentment - a luxury we all too often must go without. It was divine. It was surreal - especially the next day as I passed the lunchroom on my way to get a coffee.

Ever have those moments? When you can't remember ever knowing what "restraint" meant? We'd love to hear about them

Till next time,
bighands2 bighands2
31-35, M
Aug 10, 2010