And Lost My Job

I was 18, married to a guy who was physically abusive and I buried myself in my work as much as possible. There was this guy, we will call Gabe, who flirted with me a little and who was so beautiful. One day we went innocently went to lunch together and I kept a watchful eye out for anyone who might know my husband and tell him they seen me with another man. Gabe, who is 9 years my senior picked up on this and started making comments that I should relax while he placed his hand on my thigh. I was wearing a cute pencil skirt and a button down blouse, then his hand slid up my skirt and started rubbing my cl*t through my black lace panties and made a comment that I was getting really wet. He pulled out of the restaurant parking lot and drove to this little housing development and we pulled into an empty lot, the whole time I was rubbing his hard c*ck through his pants. As soon as he parked I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and slid out his rock hard c*ck and started working up and down his shaft with my hand. I then leaned over, and took him all in my mouth and he let out a gasp of pleasure while I wrapped my lips tighter around him and sliding up and down taking time to work the head with my tongue and teeth. He reached around and started to slip my panties off and then slid his fingers in me finding my g-spot almost immediately and gave me one of the most intense ******* I have ever had. I worked his c*ck with more fervor and he grabbed the back of my head and started f*cking my face until he came and I swallowed his load. He thanked me for a pleasent lunch and drove back to work. That was the beginning of our work relationship, we would have dirty sex in his office.
One moring I was in my office counting the money and preparing the cash registers for the day and he was head of security. My phone rang and it was him telling me he stopped recording but was watching me live, so I did a ***** tease and started playing with my self, he said he come in to help me finish what I started. I let him in and he bent me over the coin counter and gave me a great f*cking, I always sucked him off so we wouldn't make a mess and was in the process when there was a knock at the door. We quickly dressed and opened the door to see a small group from corporate standing there with knowing looks on their faces. We were escorted to a meeting room and I was immediately fired because he never stopped recording and my ***** tease was the first inappropriate action during this escapade. Gabe kept his job and ended up getting a promotion.

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I have to echo what strangemale wrote -- great beginning, anyway.

rather unfair

That Gabe is one lucky guy.

I know having sex at the office is wrong,but you should have sue gabe for ratting you out. Maybe you should have hooked up again with him. Are you still with your hubby

I would never sue that boy :) I am still in love with him and we have hooked up numerous times over the years it just never seems to work long enough for a real relationship to develop. I divorced the husband in this story and married a different man 4 years later.

So are you and gabe friends with benefits. He is still a lucky man to have sex with you. Has your new hubby ever found out that you are a wild one or about gabe

Curse that technology!!!<br />
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Great story...sad ending!