My Convention Hook-up

I work for a large hotel chain. It’s a huge convention hotel with lots of people coming and going every week. During the week is mostly business meetings and weekends are typically social stays. I met Jackie while she was here for a business meeting. It was the last day of conference and she was packing things up to go home. She had asked me for some help and I was happy to oblige. Let me tell you about Jackie. She is in her mid-twenties, Puerto Rican with shoulder length dark hair. She has a slim waist and a very nice, large *** and a small chest. Very pretty!
Jackie was next to me packing boxes with things to take back to her office. She was constantly bending over and I was constantly watching and studying her curves. At one point she was bent over right in front of me, facing away and I could see the outline of her thong showing through her black dress pants. My eyes were tracing the lines from that V-shape thong, through the crack of her butt to her mound between her legs. She had a sweet *** and I was fantasizing about what she would look like on all fours. I tried making small talk asking her about her personal life back home in NYC. Was she married, did she have a family, etc. I found out that Jackie was married, but going through a separation. She also had a young child, two things we had in common. We shared our separation stories and talked about how similar our lives were at that time. The conversation was flowing nicely until her boss walked in and assigned Jackie to take over for someone in her department while they went to lunch. I asked her what time her flight was and she told me she was flying back in the morning, early. I asked her if she was interested in grabbing a drink with me later that evening. She hesitated and told me she was not sure because she was at the conference with so many people from her office and she did not want any rumors going around the office when she got back. I figured she was letting me down easy so I didn’t press the issue. I handed her my number in case she changed her mind.
Later that evening around midnight, I got a text from her. She asked what I was doing and if my offer for a drink was still on. Of course! She told me to come to her hotel and call her from the lobby when I was there. I arrived around 2am and called her room. She told me that she wasn’t ready yet and to come up to her room. She opened the door wearing black stretchy pants and a black tank top. Her hair was wet and the room smelled like a fresh shower. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her butt as she walked towards the bed. Those black stretchy pants were hugging her curves just right and going right up her ***.
We both knew we weren’t going for a drink. She sat on the bed and I walked up to her, bent down and kissed her for the first time. It was instant fireworks! Our mouths opened, our tongues were playing and our hands were already starting to roam. My lips left hers and went for her neck. I gave her neck a little nibble and kiss. She started panting and moaning. She reached for my **** in my pants and immediately unzipped me and started stroking my growing ****. Jackie leaned forward and took my hard **** into her mouth and started sucking me. Her mouth was incredible as she bobbed her head up and down on my hard ****, working it with her mouth. I stepped out of my pants and she didn’t skip a beat as she reached behind me and pulled me closer to her mouth. I reached down and pulled her tank top up. She lifted her arms up and was now topless. Jackie couldn’t get enough **** in her mouth. She was slurping and moaning while she ****** me with her mouth. I was reaching down and playing with her **** and long nipples. I rolled one of her nipples between my fingers and pinched hard. She let out a yelp and I apologized for hurting her. She said you didn’t hurt me; you can pinch them harder if you want. And I did! She loved it and moaned deep onto my ****. That just encouraged me to pinch her harder and the harder I pinched her, the more she would moan. She was really starting to suck me off aggressively and was really getting into it, squirming in her seat, moaning and making all kinds of sucking sounds. I opened my eyes and looked down to see her with her hand in her pants, rubbing away while I ****** her mouth. It was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen in my life and I immediately started to twitch and pulse. My breathing started to quicken and I told Jackie that she was going to make me ***. She moaned loudly in approval, grabbed me with both hands and pulled me tight to her mouth. That was all the encouragement I needed as spurt after hot, sticky spurt exploded from my ****. Jackie didn’t skip a beat and kept sucking until the pulsing stopped and she had sucked down the last drop of my ***. She wiped her mouth and smiled. I told Jackie how hot she was and how I couldn’t believe she made me *** so quickly. “Now it’s my turn”. I told Jackie I wanted to taste her as well, but I wanted her to show me that *** in those pants one more time. I told her how I had been dreaming of her *** ever since I saw her bending over earlier that day. She got up on the bed on all fours and pointed her *** in my direction. “Like this?” I buried my face into her butt from behind so my nose was wedged into the crack of her butt and my mouth was pressed against her mound. She was soaking wet and her juices were coming through the material of her pants. She stayed on all fours while I slowly pulled her pants down past her hips, slowly revealing her beautiful, curvy bottom and shaved, wet slit. “Oh my god, Jackie, you have a beautiful butt!” I bent down and for the first time I tasted her sweet sex. Jackie cooed and moaned while I ate her out from behind. I trailed my tongue up her slit and circled her *******. She moaned even louder. That was the invitation I was looking for. Jackie and I spent the next two hours sucking and ******* every which way. When I left at 6am, she hugged and kissed me and called me her “Big Daddy”. She promised me that we would get together again next time she came to the windy city. That was seven years ago and I now have tons of stories about my little PR **** from NYC.
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41-45, M
May 14, 2012