Sex In The Staff Room

I am a teacher, this is a story a true story about me having sex with another teacher.

During the holidays a drunken sex call with a colleague lead to a number of horny texts, we decided that on out first day back at work after the holiday she would come in wearing a black skirt. We arranged where I would be sat with the agreement that she would walk over too me without a word and I would put my hand up her skirt.

Being at work an hour earlier than usual I sat in the chair, she walked I after 5 minutes, and did exactly as we said, my hand found soaking wet knickers, I pulled them aside and slipped a finger in. Standing up we kissed as I fingered her. She reached for my zip pulled my **** and and started wanking me. Within a few minutes we both had an amazing ******.

Want to hear any more as this work affair went on for a while!!
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I have read both parts and want to hear more

There is now a part 2 bhatjc! Hope you enjoy and this did happen!

tell us more about the affair and is the affair still on going.

Not going on now but did for about two years, lots more to tell!!!

Then tell us more about the next two years

There is a part 2 and a short part 3 now!!