Had Sex With My Boss.

i am a hot wife and love to show off always. my husband likes to see me hot all the time and want me only to wear sexy dress. on my first work day my husband choose for me a nice really executive dress and i really looked very hot, after first day my direct department manger ask me to be ready for introduce me to the company CEO because i will work in his floor. , then he asked me to go and wait at his reception till he come and i did sit over there and during this waiting my husband calls me and when he knew that i will meet the CEOs he told me to take off my jacket and be only with my site shirt because it looks very nice and sexy with my short skirt so,i did. then the doors open and my manger came and take me inside ,i found the CEOs is young sexy guy and when he saw me he smiled and ask us to set on the sofa to have a drink all together . when i set he can see all my legs and my sick was open that he can see easily my boobs. then my manger introduce me while he was talking he got a call from our department that he must go urgently then he ask me to go but the CEOs said that he can go and leave me to introduce my self to me. then we set together and he ask me to get a drink to him from the fridge and get something to myself when i gave him his drink i lied down so he can saw in wider view my boobs then he kept talking to me and how he likes his work and he invite me to join the board pool party at his beach house in week end and i informed him that i am married and i had to ask my husband then i did called my husband and he said that we will book a hotel but my CEOs raise his hand and said no hotel we can stay at his beach house he has plenty of rooms. then me and my husband accepted . actually i felt that my CEOs is Hungary for me and want to enjoy my body. on the week end we arrived after long drive to his beach house and i was wearing my hot short and small top and my boss give me a kiss when he saw me and he was wearing only his swim suite and he looked really hot . he show us our room which was on third floor and he said he will be waiting at the pool for us, me and my husband start change our close and i start to take my close off to wear my bikini but i found that i only get my tongue bikini and i told my husband that i will wear this and he has to watch out that my CEOs is already attracted to me but my husband smiled and he said no problem he want me to enjoy and want to see me very sexy plus the relation with the CEOs is a good chance for me. when we walked to the pool i found others people VIP and some topless girls too which makes me feel fine and i went to the bar then i found my boss behind me and he said that i looked great and very pretty in this bikini. we sit all together and my CEOs ask me to put some lotion to his body and i did softly because i liked his body too then he lied on his back and want me to continue massage him and when my hand is in his tommy he told me to go down and down and i did till i found my hand go inside his trunk and massage his cook and he smiled and ask me if i like if or not and i said yes it is big and soft . then he stand up and told me lets eat then i found my husband flirting with a topless woman . one sun set every one left it was only the three of us . and i still wear my bikini . my husband sit on the living room with my CEOs and my CEOs said lets all play cards and we did played and the looser will take of one item from his lose if he will be totally necked then he will lose. my husband was wearing only his swim short and we start to play and first one lost after taking off his short was my husband and stayed full necked and we laugh at him then my husband said he will go to his room for a shower and sleep a nap , then we continue playing me and my sexy CEO on his turn he beats me and i had to take off a part so i take off my top bikini and i was very exited to see him full necked then my turn i beat him but he take off his watch then my turn i take off my ring then i beat him and he take off his short and i saw his great cook then the game end . we continue set together while i am only wearing my tongue bikini and he is full necked. then he set near to me and ask me what do i want from him then i found my self go down and set on my ness and blowup his hard cook then i put him between my boobs too then he take me on his cook and start **** me hard and i was screaming from his nice joy then i saw my husband looking at us and i smiled at him and he send me a kiss. my CEOs kept enjoying me all night long and he take me to his room and hang my hand in his bed and fuckd me so hard, he keep enjoying my body and he admit to me that he likes me since he saw me in his office and he wants me always hot at his office to eat me every morning. then i slept in his room tell early morning i walked to my husband room necked, and when i enter our room he wake up and ask me if i enjoyed it and i said yes then he want to **** me too and i was so hot. since that night my husband knows that i have sex with my CEO and my CEOs knows that my husband agrees . i hope you likes my true story and i wish to all wife's to have joy same as me.
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I agree with psully63, you are very sexy, please post more pictures, you are too attractive not to share!

Have you seen your husband have sex with another women? Do ya'll swing?

very giving husband, can he **** anyone he wants? If so alls fair.

Wow ! you are one sexy hot lover babe ! your accent is very exotic ! id love to see picstures of you and your sexy hot yummy body ! growl !