Panty ***

My best friend at work came to me one day and said that she needed help with a special favor. I could tell that she was a little embarrassed. Many years ago I had been involved in a few casual sexual experiences with her and her husband. It seems that I (or more accurately, my thick ****) still played an active role in their fantasies during sex. Somehow, he had developed a fantasy of me ************ with her panties. At the time, I had never done such a thing, and I was always a little surprised to read about guys with panty fetishes - I just didn't get it. But, she is SO hot, and I am just your typical horny guy... so, what the hell.

Right then and there, standing beside me in my office, she reached under her short black skirt and slowly worked her panties off. It was a pale violet thong of soft sheer material. When she put them in my hand, I was immediately struck by how warm and moist they were. I couldn't help myself; I raised her wet panties to my face and took a sniff. Wow! They smelled so good. Thinking that I would oblige her husband's request to ********** with them that night, I asked her when she wanted them back. Right now! She was about to go home and she wanted to share them with him when she got there.

Not wanting to disappoint, and sporting a raging erection, I grabbed my camera and headed to the bathroom. I was so ******* horny. I alternated between smelling the panties and stroking my **** with them. They felt SO good. The thought of her removing them, and now sitting in her office waiting for me to *** on them, was too much. It didn't take long before that familiar twinge started to build within, and soon I was pumping a thick load of my hot ***** all over her pretty little panties!

A little winded and embarrassed, I went into her office - her wet thong stuffed into my pocket. She held out her hand and I shyly retrieved the panties and laid them in it. I have to admit that I was very surprised when she held them to her face, inhaled slowly, and let out a soft moan. She then rolled back her chair, stood beside her desk, slid the little thong back on, and thanked me quietly. Week kneed, I returned to my office and pretended to work. Within a few minutes she left.

As soon as she appeared the next day, I couldn't wait to ask what her husband thought. She told me that he had raised her skirt as soon as she got there and buried his face in the panties and her wet *****. Not only did they smell of my ***, but he could taste it as he ate her out. She told me that, after licking her for some time, he proceeded to **** her like a stallion. We both decided that he really liked it. She gave me a few more thongs to *** in for her over the next few weeks - I didn't mind at all!

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Jan 19, 2013