I Had Sex At Work

I was 49 at the time. A new blonde girl in the office was 26. She was a big flirt from the start and not shy about it. She worked taking phone reservations and I was in accounting. I would need to work late once in a while and she worked the evening shift starting at 5pm. When I worked late she was usually the only other employee there. We would flirt back and forth but I never thought too much of it because of our age difference.

One night while I was working late I took a break and went to her office to chat. For security, all the offices in the large building we worked in were always locked, but we had keys to go from office to office. So I let myself in and we soon found ourselves in a deep kiss. I could tell she wanted more and so did I so we turned out the office lights and I pulled up her top and her bra and started sucking and playing with her nice large breasts. She was loving it and i just worked my way down. I pulled up her short skirt and pulled down her panties. She sat on the edge of a table while I licked her juicy *****.

It turned out she had a sort of attraction to older guys. She had a boyfriend in his forties, and she was most attracted to giving oral sex. I was hoping so, since i had noticed she she wore a tongue stud. She asked if I wanted to stand or sit down and I sat on the edge of her chair while she undid my belt and pulled down my pants and briefs. Then she began playing and sucking on my **** which was just about ready to explode by this time. After a while I warned her that I thought I was going to ***, but she just kept on going until I filled her mouth with about 8 jets of warm ***. She held it in her mouth for a few seconds and then swallowed it, followed by a few sips of Coke.

We did this a few times more in the office, in my car in the parking garage and once in the local park.
JimKirtland JimKirtland
Jan 22, 2013