It happened when i was 17. I was a lifeguard at the city pool. That day, I was working with Kate, a very nice and tall, blond haired girl I used to know since we started our lifeguard training session.

At the end of the shift, she told me she has to leave quickly, so I told her I'll take care of everything and close the pool so she can be out fast. After I had gather everything and close the pool , I went in the office to take a shower before I left for the night. At that time, I though I was alone, so I undressed right in the middle of the office, I took my towel and headed for the shower cabin.

When I pulled the shower curtain, I was surprised to see Kate, totally nude, bended while she was shaving her legs. I froze a moment and I stared at her nicely tanned body before I apologized and walk back to the office. She told me not to apologize because she forgot to lock the shower room and I told her I thought she had already left. She explain me that her friends send her an SMS to cancel their night plan.

A few minutes later, when she came out of the shower, wrapped in a so small towel I could almost see her ***** lips when she walked toward me. She was surprise to see me waiting in the office and she ask me why i did not use the common shower. I told her there are still young children in the common shower and I don't want to show them the ***** I got when I saw her naked. When i walked past Kate, heading for the shower cabin, she pulled my towel then I was totally nude in the middle of the office. As she stared at me, She told me she want to see me nude, so we would be kit because I saw her naked when she was in the shower.

This turns me on and my ***** became harder while she looked at me. She shouted: "Oh my god it's not yours, it's impossible" Looking at her, jaw drop, I ask her what's wrong with me? She told me I was impossible that I had such a big **** and I ask her How can she know anything about the size of my ****? It's only 7½ inch, there is nothing to die for. She told me she look at all the guy's **** when they are swimming and I am the one with the smallest one, according to what she see through my swimsuit. I have to say that my **** is less then 3 inch long when it's not hard.

Then I walk to the shower, she follows me. She told me: "I started dating Tom because I thought he had the biggest **** of all the lifeguard and since she saw mine, she wanted to try it" Then she started to touch my raging hard ****. At that moment, I pull her towel to reveal her tight and firm body. She dropped on her knees and start sucking my ****. After a few stroke, she started to finger her shaved *****. After a few minutes, I lift her up, I passed her legs over my arms and push her against the shower wall and start pounding her very tight ***** while I was sucking her nipples. After that, I put her down, she turns and bend over and I ****** her from behind. After she came, she return on her knees because she couldn't stand on her legs no more and she started to suck again and then I spread a huge load of *** on her face and ****

After we showered together and she made me promise I wouldn't tell anything about this to anyone. She don't want that her boyfriend know about that. I said I'm ok with this, only if we repeat our experience every time we have to close the pool together. She agreed!
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Damn man. i hope you got another chance with her again durning that summer. Are you still seeing her or is she in the past.

We did it every time we worked together until the end of the season. Then I moved to an other city and I never heard about her after that.

That is sweet man having sex with her all the season. Did you two ever move it out on to the pool deck or into the pool. Maybe you should look her up on social media and see how she is doing.