First Business Trip

A number of years ago when I started working for the company I currently work for my boss sent me on an out of town assignment. This assignment was going to take between three and four weeks so the company got me a small furnished apartment. It was a nice two bedroom walk up with a balcony facing a nice beach.

After being there about a week the main office contacted me and told me that one of the managers would be down for a couple of days to see another client and wanted to know if they could use the spare bedroom. I said sure why not. That would men that for those few days I wouldn't be able to sunbathe on the balcony nude or walk around the apartment nude.

A couple of days later I got back to the apartment after work took a quick shower and put on a little sundress I had with me. I had no sooner dried myself and slipped into the dress when the door bell rang. It was the guy from my office. I let him in, introduced my self, showed him to his room and apologized for the way I was dressed. He said no no you look fine. 

There was a little eatery with tables out by the sidewalk  about a block away so he told me to grab my purse and lets go get some diner. I wanted to change my clothes but he insisted I go the way I was. I thought to my self that I may as well be going naked as I had nothing on under that dress. He enjoyed watching my boobs bounce as I walked.

When we got back to the apartment I went up the stairs first he wanted to look up my dress and I wanted to let him. When we got to the apartment I could see by the front of his pants he was ready for some action. When we were inside I went out on the balcony and leaned forward over the rail looking at the beach. He walked up behind me and leaned against me. I could feel his hardness between the cheeks of my butt as he made slow thrusting motions.

I led him back inside and we went to my room. We had sex three times that night and several times a day for the remainder of time he was there. 

When we were both in the office after that I found that his office after everyone was gone for the day made a wonderful place to play.  

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What a fun story. And a great way to keep company morale up!

I loved the fact you went up the stairs first to let him look up your skirt...such a hot story.

It is a real turn on for me to let guys look up my dress. I have let guys do it all my life.

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Love to follow you then hun

loved your story. It's a turn on for me the fact that it's a turn for you to let men look up your dress

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would be awesome to meet you

Many people complain about travelling for work. Its tough and I do it every week, but it definately has its benefits.

A business trip is always the best place to have sex. So are you still seeing that guy or was it a lucky one time thing for the both of you

That's fantastic. Wish my company sent me to work in other places where I had the opportunity to stay next to a hot co-worker.

Great story and my personal fantasy , as yet unforefilled

There is no better place than the business trip.

Wonderful! In many cases going to work would really be a pleasure.

That is a tantalizing thought - a s exy woman allowing a man to follow her up the stairs while she has no underwear on... The seduction game is so powerful and alluring. I can imagine climbing stairs like that, then stop and let my hands stroke the said woman's calves and inner t highs up to where is necessary. I would ask her to play with her n ipples while I stimulate her c lit. Then, I will stop all of a sudden, turn around and go!