Secretary Lust

I used to work in  company where the secretary was a bit of a flirt with all the male workers, she would often expose her stocking tops on purpose, and she would often come into the locker rooms too chat and flirt with us guys, anyway, one time i was running late so when i got there i made my excuses and when to get change for work, the secretary came in and and started flirting with me, and in that tight pencil skirt she looked hot which gave me a stiffy, she noticed and made a comment...before we knew it we was at it ,behind the locker room door ,just seeing her in those stockings as she wrapped her legs around was amazing, but before any of us could climax, we heard the office door open and someone walked in the office so we had to stop very quickly....was quite horny realising we could of both been caught .....



scott (demoned2)

demoned2 demoned2
1 Response Jan 26, 2010

sounds familiar this story, i think that was me and you scott wasnt it :)