Her Story, Not Mine

Her Story, not mine.....

I went to a nudist beach for the first time. What an experience. Too much wiener for me, and lots of old bush as well. There were a few good looking ones though. Well to the point, I met a girl there; Jenn, and she had a sad, but very erotic story. She said that this was her first time to a nudist beach as well, and we hit it off. She was totally straight; so no, I did not get to polish her little nub. But to the story:

She was telling me how she loved her daughter, but had never really got to be a high school teenager. She had her daughter when she was 17 after a bad night out. She was on the receiving end of an all night frat party **** fest, not of her making, or of her willing. Basically she was raped for hours by everybody at the party. She gave me great details like all of us girls do.

She was 16, and rebellious, and wanted to go out for the night to a party that she heard about. She snuck out kind of. Her parents did not want her to go, but knew she was smart enough to stay out of trouble. She told them that she was leaving, and that she would keep in touch.

She put on a good party outfit; it was the end of Aug. and still very warm out. So she had on a basic bra nothing fancy, and a thong. Nothing to write home about. Half sleeve top, and medium length skirt. Enough to get looked at, and move around in, but not show anything off. Well the party was not at a house to start with. It was a local high school band type of gig, that everyone went to, to smoke and drink.

Well that is where she found out where the party that night was really going to be at. She also found out it was an end of summer beach party in the house. Drinking games, arm wrestling, wet T-shirt contest, the whole nine yards type of thing. She thought this was going to be awesome. At the band gig is where she met her party contact that would drive her there. She said that everyone called her Mamma D. D told her to keep her car parked at the public band gig since there is no parking issue there, and the parking is hard to find, and expensive at the house. She was OK with that, and called to tell her parents that she will be out all night. They did not like this, but knew Jenn would stay off the roads if she was drinking, and be safer there. This was not the first time she had stayed out all night, but she had not done it very often before.

As part of the deal to go to the party, since she was under age, was that Jenn had to be blind folded. She was like “this is odd, but whatever”. They arrived at the house, and the party had not really started, but it was still early, maybe 10:30.

When they got to the house, D asked her if she wanted to take part in the wet T-shirt. She thought about it, and said sure why not, never done it before. D was happy, and told her to change her top to get ready for the party. They went into a bedroom, and sat on the bed. D pulled out a bubbler, and readied a bowl to smoke. Jen proceeded to share the bowl, and was impressed by the quality that a bubbler brings to the mix, she had never used a bubbler for pot, and it was nice, and smooth.

D told Jen to take her top off, and put on a basic white T-shirt for the party. So she took her shirt, and bra off, and so did D, and they but their stuff in separate bags to be able to change back into them after the party. D looked at Jenn, and asked her if she wanted to do something for fun. Jenn asked ”What?”

D said “Take you panties off as well.”

Jenn “Why?”

D “Who knows, you might like it, and it can’t hurt in the contest!”

Jenn feeling as rambunctious as one can get after a few good hits said “Sure, but they stay in my pocket to put on if I don’t like it.”

Jenn told me that she felt fine with doing it, but that is where the party started to get going. The wet T-shirt contest was first event of the night, to get the boobs out, and the people in. She did not win, but she said it was such a blast to be up on the mini stage in the mini pool. The water soaked the skirt, and basically held it down. No one knew that all she had on was a now transparent shirt, and wet skirt. She said that she was getting very turned on by the naughtiness of it all . She met-up with D to see about changing.

She said D made her a drink, and added something to it, because it was not long before the whole world became one blur for the evening. All her thoughts seemed to run together, but she remembers all the sex. She has pieced it back together clearer now than when it first happened.

She remembers that D told her to take her wet shirt off, and she did. She remembers seeing the bed, and falling towards it, but not landing on it. The next thing she remembers is coming too, and the blind fold is back on her. She realized that the shirt was gone, and she had a small gag in her mouth to muffle her sounds. Her hands were bound behind her above her head, and her legs were up in the air and tied to the same knot as her hands. So there she was on her back, bound, and she was spread eagle. Then she hears D’s voice. “Hey yawls she is awake! Come and **** her!!”

She was on the couch, and that is when the ******* began. First was D licking her ***** to wetten’ it up. SO for the rest of the night she was the party **** whole. The first guy was rock hard, and pounded for only a few mins, and came big. in her. This was freaking her out. She was still a virgin at this point. She had never let a guy *** in her yet, and here was a random dude that she did not know ******* in her right now. She was horrified, and then it got kinky crazy to her. After that guy pulled out, D started licking the *** out of her *****. She had never had a girl go down on her before, and this was new to her as well. D would suck the guys **** clean, and then lick her clean. She would suck hard on her ***** to try to pull the *** out to make the next guy feel like he was not getting sloppy seconds. This went on for hours she said. She lost track of the loads of ***, and the multiple time the same dude came in her. A few girls even came up to give her a few licks, and even get a picture as well. Only one chick actually came up to eat she said.

By this point she was having mixed feelings for D. She hated her for putting her in this situation, but she looked forward to the soft licking, and nice cleaning that she would give after each guy was done. When the party was winding down, and over D took her back to her car. D had her bound by the hands, and put her shirt on, and left the gag in. D walked Jenn to the car, and drove her to her car. D put Jenn in her car wearing only her half sleeve shirt, no skirt, panties, or bra. She left the blindfold on, and the gag in, and only loosened the knot on her hands. By the time Jenn could get herself free, D was long gone.

So Jenn went home, and tried to get something done police wise, but she had no real name, no place to call the scene of the crime, and to boot found out that she was pregnant. So she has no idea who the daddy could be. Sad, and erotic at the same time.
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Very sad.

HOT and not!!!

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