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Since leaving the bakery where i worked, i got a job as a care assistant at an old folks home,better money and can gain some good qualifications. I had done my six weeks of basic training and experience before i was alowed on nights alone.
Most of the residents are really sweet, but some are really bitchy (mostly the women) some of the blokes are a bit nasty at times too, and there are a few dirty old men (most of these are nice tho, only one creepy guy).
On my third day one old boy put his hand up my skirt which i thought was quite funny. He does it on a regular basis and some of the staff get v pissed off about it, but they should learn not to get to close or bend over by him haha.
After a couple of weeks, i'd settled in nicely and was left to my own devices more, so i decidfed to give this old boy Len a shock and a surprise. So i started wearing stockings and suspenders to work instead of tights.
Len predictably slid his hand up my skirt as i was taking his tea to him in bed, and i just stood there and let him for a few seconds before telling him off, and i swear a tent appeared in his bed as he felt my stocking tops and copped a quick feel of my crotch. God, i know i'm a nympho ****, but a 87 yr old?!!! I got so wet and blushed as i left his room.
After doing the rounds and clearing stuff to the kitchen, i went and removed my wet knickers, thinking i might go and tease him a bit more later.
Before leaving shift, i had to take their bedtime drinks around, and i saved len til last, so i walked in and put his ovaltine on his bedside table and started fussing tidying things and bending down leaving myself defenceless knowing he'd not resist. Sure enough his hand went sliding up my thigh, so i stood up and turned saying it's easier from this side len and laughed. He had no shame and slid it back up again and said it's lovely that a young girl like me wears stockings these days, his **** was really stiffening again now and i laughed and said someone else seems to think it's nice too and lightly touched the tent, i couldn't believe how i was acting with him.
He slid his hand past my stocking top and realised i was wearing nothing, was very wet and he started pushing his hand into my ***** which by now had unfolded open. Lens **** started really twitching and he groaned and said "thats another fine mess you
ve got me into" it was so funny and i ended up having to change and clean him.
We messed about like this for some weeks, me teasing him, but it certainly perked him up generally everyone noticed he was much livelier and he stopped goosing the other assistants.
When i started nights alone except for a sleepover manager in the caravan outside, I had to clear away the cups from bedtime drinks first off, and len asked me to sit down a minute and talk. I sat down, and he told me what a great girl i was and how pretty i am, and said " i would really love to make love to you properly", i tried to laugh, but he said "no, i really mean it, i know you girls don't get paid a fortune here, and i would like to help out a little, but really want to have sex with you"
I said, no i dont do sex for money, i'm not like that, so he said" well if not for the money, then how about making an old man very happy"
So i said ok len, but not toniht as i'm finding my way around the jobs on my own tonoght and i'm not sure how long it all takes, so we left it like that.
A couple of nights later, i did the rounds and jobs, never said anything to len, but once everything was sorted for a while about2am, i went and got changed into a basque, with stockings, high heels and a thong and went to lens room. He was fast asleep snoring a little, and i stood by the bed and put my hand under his quilt and started caressing his thigh up to his crotch.................nothing, still asleep, so i untied his pyjama bottoms and found he was wearing no pants underneath, and softly stroked his **** and though it responded, he still slept. He got really hard, harder than i expected an old guy to get, so i pulled the quilt back and licked my lips and took his head into my mouth which did wake him up when i gave it a bit of a suck. It was so smooth, not what i expected and his balls were huge. "ooh god i must be dreaming" he said as i smiled, i could go down his shaft, but he stopped me saying he wouldnt take too much of that before blowing, so i lay down beside him, opened his jacket and kissed his hairy chest. He put his arms around me and gave me the worlds best cuddle. I asked should i go on top as i slowly tossed him.
"i'm not that old and decrepit "he said and slid around on top of me. I told him to wait and got up and removed my basque and thong and shoes, but he told me to leave the shoes on.
I got back into bed (no mean feat when its a single bed), and he started kissing my neck and **** and nipples whilst massaging my ****, it was awesome and i felt so turned on and dirty. I helped him out of the rest of his pyjamas and spread wide so he could get between my legs. I made sure the bleeper was switched on on the bedside table in case of any other residents called and saw it was now 2.33am. Len pushed his **** against my streaming hole and then with his hand he rubbed it all around my ***** and over my **** and i clapped my hand to my mouth as i shrieked as i came like an electric shock. Without waiting for me to finish coming, he slowly pushed his **** in all the way, inch ny inch, and i was spasming and shaking and i could feel my juices just running out and into my *** and down around my back, as i'd brought my knees up to his armpits by now. I was making a continuous noise now as i came, and i wrapped my legs around him to stop him moving for a minute, which scratched his back with my heels.When i'd calmed down, he asked if i was alright and i nodded as i couldn't talk, i get intense ******* but this was out of control. My whole body was shaking and i was soaked like the bed, just a mass of wet between my legs and down my *** crack, and i'd sweated all over.
I unwrapped my legs from his back so tightly, and he slowly pulled his **** out to the tip, then he slammed it all back in and he hit bottom ock was probably only about 7 inches at best, aand i'v e taken a lot bigger, but i got a sharp pain as he hit my cervix. I couldn't help it, i came again and just kept coming as he started a slow rhythm gradually in and out and i flooded and was semi conscious as he ****** the arse off me, i nearly suggested he did that as my *** was swamped, but didnt know what the older generation thought of that.
Len just banged away at my quivering body, and i dont know how he didnt come, because my ***** was spasming and clenching too, tho too wet for any real resistance. Eventually his body stiffened and he started grunting and even my wet ***** could feel his **** swell bigger, the best thing was the feeling of his huge balls banging at my *** while shagging. Len went rigid and somebody must have turned a firehose on, because i actually felt this hot force squirting away and leaking out around his **** and down my crack, it was boiling hot, i thought an old man would just dribble a splodge. As i thought about it, i came even harder and clamed down on his **** so hard, it pushed it out. We lay thetre soaking and exhausted and when i looked at the clock, it was3.17am, he had been ******* me for three quarters of an hour, i must be totally dehydrated. It took some time to clear up and turn the mattress and get back to duty, and len was so sweet, and said it was the best **** he'd ever had bar none. I haven't been on nights again since, but i still tease him, and he pushed fifty pounds in my stocking top one day, and wouldnt take it back, so i can now say i'm officially a prostitute too, tho len has got a lot of credits in as far as i'm concerned, i should have paid him
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Awesome ****! I would have paid to watch. An 87 year old stud. I love your style.

Please add me. ;-)

sounds too good to be true,

but as a wrinkly i know it take a bit longer to *** than when i was a younger man,and they do say longing for it makes the hard grow stronger.

Wonderful story. And please, don't feel bad about taking his money. I have similar conflicts with my friends about driving me to appointments. I could get some one from Social Services to do it in the same way I would prefer to have a friend or relative help me around the house if possible. In most cases, monetary thanks are all we have to give. When I was younger, I could return the favour or do something in return. Now that is not an option. Please accept his thanks with pleasure and a smile. That will probably make him as happy as your other favour does. And I would surely welcome and reward you giving me that much attention as well. I would also welcome you sitting on my face too. Not sure there if being allowed to enjoy your sweet ****** would be considered compensation or just more delicious pleasure for me.

Wish I was Len

I was expecting something completely different when I saw the title and group. Yes it's a dirty story but what wonderful and great thing to have done both taking care of Len and, this is going to sound odd, taking the £50 off him. He wanted to pay - absolutley NOT a prostitution thing - because it was the best and maybe only way he knew to really say thanks. I'd bet his words weren't far from "I want you to have it" It would have hurt him had you refused it. <br />
And I'm with @inspirabull when he says "Save Len, write a book, start a society of Angels of Love and bring happiness that will be returned with the generosity of saved lives and renewal. It is not prostitution at all. You are more than what you could possibly realize " <br />
You've not been seen on EP for a while - hope you get this.

What a wonderful young lady! An angel. Don't get caught but please don't change. A few more times with you and Len would be up and out of there back into life again. The whole ageism thing that goes on, a man can be able and productive long after the social norm dictates, it is a tragedy when we get sidelined long before our time. Save Len, write a book, start a society of Angels of Love and bring happiness that will be returned with the generosity of saved lives and renewal. It is not prostitution at all. You are more than what you could possibly realize

What an incredibly hot story! Certainly got my **** hard.<br />
Would love to see pictures of the beautiful body this lucky old bastard ******.<br />
Make me a friend???<br />
<br />

What a lovely story,and by now you know that as we get older it`s not just a quicky as it takes a bit longer to come,so for us wrinklies a quicky is 20 mins +.

well he does, but i reckon its cos its dirty of me too, that gets me going

What a lucky old bastard..........but then it sounds like he knows how to ****!

it can be beautiful to live in a higher age :-)

great storie loved it i am age61years young take me