Needed It To Pay My Rent

Not that I am super proud of it, but I go to college and sometimes barely make enough to cover my expenses... I hate having to choose between which bills I need to pay and which I can put off until the next check... I don't have parents here that can help me either. So I have two friends at work that work nights at a local ***** club, and they make pretty good money, although they are never happy about it... I go with them to the club a lot, the owner, or manager, whatever he is has often hinted that he would give me a job too... although I can't imagine doing that long term... But last month I had a couple unexpected expenses and ended up in the hole with my bank and so I skipped the rent, thinking it would be at least a month before they even cared... but they are pretty strict and started telling me to pay up or they would kick me out... So i was about a week away from my next check that wasn't going to cover the rent anyway... so I went out and headed to the club to see what I could do to supplement my income... I spoke to the owner, told him I needed about 500 bucks... like right then... He told me that he couldn't get that for me dancing but he might be able to hop up something else... I knew right away what he was hinting at, but I was really desperate so I told him I was down for anything. 

Later that night he called me up and told me to be up there around 2am as the club was closing, he had someone that I could spend some time with to get the money I was needing. I went up there as it was shutting down and he took me into his office. There was a random guy there that he introduced as "a friend" and we sat there and chatted for a few minutes. Once everything was closed out and it was just a few of us there, the guy left and the owner walked back in. He handed me 500 cash and said to go into the back and just make his friend happy... I was so happy just to get the money... one of the bouncers led me into the back and we had sex on one of the couches in the lounge. 

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When n were can I stard

How can I do this as well. Don't mind sex for money right now.

were you mentally okay with it after? like are you used to sex with strangers and just treated it like a one night thing?

Girl, I've been there. Nothing to be ashamed of. I have had to come to desperate measures MANY times to keep these bills paid!

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I asked my friend that does massage if she can get me into coming in now and then for some money and she said sure but only with my regular friends that i know very well. She said it will save me time i can spend on others and they have seen my picture and ask for my by name. I need some cash so bad and its so easy to do. So i went in again and she set me up with this super nice man that obviously works out a lot. I let her massage him for a while then i came in and rubbed his legs while she worked on his shoulders. She left and i said will it be ok for me to finish you? He said most certainly. I worked my way up his legs and boy was he nice laying there naked. He spread his legs apart and it was pretty dark in there but i ran my hands slowly between his legs and found two big round things to massage (which i know how to do well). I spent a lot of time on them and he raised his hips some and i pulled a very nice thing back and it was long. I worked on it slowly and POW !! did not take long at all. He said it was amazing and begged me to do it again the next day. I said ok. $50.00 in about 20 minutes. not bad.

That's amazing! a kind of a turn on :)

Gouge situation sounds like the one I was in, I hated it then but the money was good and I look back on it and count it as "fun times" idk about you but I was able to get passed it hopefully you will too

so what club do you work at now ? and is it anywhere near dallas ?

Nothing to be ashamed.

when i was in Jr. high this older guy asked me if i needed money. I said yes and he said what can you do for me? I said anything you want i guess. He said have you felt a man before? I said yes. I went to his hotel room and he went into the bathroom and said lay on the bed. I laid down and took off my shoes. He came out with a towel on. I sat on the end of the bed and he dropped his towel and his stuff was so big. I took a nut in each hand and they were huge, i played with them and he got so weak on his feet, then it stuck straight out in my face. I sucked on the end of it while i rolled his testicles in my hands. He asked me to undress and i did and laid back and he slowly put it in me and it was so huge, he was so gentle and slowly slid it in, i backed up to keep it all from going in. He grabbed my shoulders and forced it all in and i gasped. He came right then and said i was so tight. I swear it went to my lungs. I moved my leg in between his and as he pulled it out some i jerked my knee into his big balls. He curled up on the floor, i told him that i was scared because of the way he forced it in so i had to rupture him. He moaned and said it was great?? I helped him by massaging his testicles and he got up eventually and got hard again. I begged him to do it again and i bent over and he put it in me, ugggg. I held the bed and he banged me from behind so hard and i came over and over and he lost his ***** again. He paid me $500.00 and said he wanted it the same way once a week (everything including the rupture). ha ha it was so damn fun and i still do it. I don't know how he handles it ??

I have a friend that went to massage school. She decided to get a few men that have money and get more and more sensual with the massages. She now has four guys that give her $200-300 dollars each visit at least once a week. They stay quiet and don't give her name to others. She got to know them slowly and can trust them. She gives them a sensual massage then slowly works on their testicles for about 1/2 hour then just a few strokes and out it comes. She said they say they have more energy and feel healthier. She swears that stimulating the testicles makes these guys feel much better and live a better life and more fun with their wives too. She said that she feels the shape of them quickly, slaps them and thumps on them with a stick with a rubber ball on it, pulls them away from their body firmly and twists them, firmly squeezes them for a long time until they feel it up in their belly deeply. She learned it all from books and experimenting and guys love it and will pay anything for it because nobody does it. One day i went there and this guy let me watch her do it and it was interesting, he went nuts. I felt his balls and they were so tender when she finished. She puts a towel over their belly and when they come it shoots up and onto the towel and it goes right in the laundry. She showed me how to aim it , ha ha. She said i can come in and do that part if i want to and the guys will like the variety if i do everything right.

That is awesome. For me, it's a bit opposite. I met a massage therapist and over a year's time, we grew to know each other and trust each other. Now, when I go, I get nude and she gets nude and she gets on the table. I massage her sensually from what I read in books. She lets me practice on her and over time, I've learned to make her squirt, give her different types of ******* and she loves anal *******. She says I am free to do anything I want, but I have my own self imposed limitations....for now. I make sure to change things up each time I visit so it doesn't get old for her. My best so far is giving her 5 ******* in 90 min with just my fingers....but I think having her hands tied made her more aroused.
Your friend is on the right track. Get to know the guy, see if he can be trusted, see if he does have the cash, and keep him happy. She is right that men have more energy when they are drained often. It's mainly because testosterone is generated in the testicles and combines with the blood that makes his **** hard. When he goes flaccid, that blood and testosterone are returned to his body and he gets this bust of energy. What she does with their balls must be awesome.

You should try giving erotic massage. You can make really good money without even having sex.

Every man pays for it one way or another doll

If you ever need money just go up to a man you like and tell him that you are having a tough time and need money pretty bad. Ask him if he will help you out and offer to help him out and he will say yes, its as simple as that. I went up to a guy about 40 in a mall one time because i needed some money and asked him if he would help me, he said what will you do for me. I said lets go out to my car and we did and we got in the back seat. I held his balls and squeezed them and said if you try to hurt me I will rupture these. He said no problem and grimaced, ha ha. I blew him and he went wild and then asked me how much i needed, I said about 80 dollars. He gave me 100 and said can i see you again now and then. I said sure thing. He gave me his phone number and I jacked him off before he got out of the car. Every time i need a little cash he shows up, its great and it takes care of his needs. Guys do develop pressure down there and we need to take care of it for money or not. I just hate to hear of these women that charge a lot, they are *****.

I know this guy in his fifties ( i am 18) but have known him for years. He has a nice house and a pool and i used to go over there and swim. He would feed me and give me beers and swim with me and we had a good time. I did not want any money but he would ask me if i needed some and gave me fifty or one hundred dollars when i said yes. He never asked for anything, he said he just enjoyed my company. I was in high school and boy was it nice to have some money and a place to go. I used to bring friends over there to swim and some of them would screw him. One day he was telling me how simply beautiful my body was and rubbed suntan lotion on me. His hands started coming around my back and onto the bottom of my boobs , it felt so good. Next thing you know my top fell off, he untied it. He rubbed my boobs and I melted back onto his lap, he was stradling me with his legs. He had a nice body too. I returned the favor and reached back and fished out his balls and they were huge. So anyway it was on. I got on all fours and he put the biggest thing in me and we had so much fun. It was amazing and we went swimming then he used his tongue on me for 1/2 hour and i came over and over. I fell in love with him that day. I felt so grown up having had such a man. Before i left his house I kneeled down and sucked him dry and it was so cool. He said don't bother bringing any of your friends over any more, just bring yourself. I did many times. he never gave me money for sex, never offered any before, during or after sex. Just helped me if i needed or asked for it but never associated with sex. We were sex buddies for sure.

That is awesome. He respects you and you respected him. I assume he was alone? I'm 50 and my daughter brings many g/f over. Not sure how, but I tend to see them nude a lot and I'm guessing they do that on purpose as they don't cover up when I do see them. They just start chatting with me like it's no big deal. There are two that I'm partial to and I have given them money to help do car repairs and other needs. They have offered to take care of me as well as they know my wife doesn't. It is so hard to stay in control, by the pool, in their thong suit, tops coming off as the jump in the pool, walking around topless as they search for their tops. One day, my wife's rejection would my acceptance to their offer.

Sounds like this guy coaxed you to get sex because eventually, with his manipulative tactics, giving you "free" gifts and the erotic environment you were in, you'd inevitably give in..

I'm really contemplating sex for money . This guy I know who has a really good job offered me 6000 dollars (trust me he has this sorta cash) but when I asked him who would I be doing it with he was like how many ppl are u open to do it with. I told him no because I don't want him to judge me but 6000 dollars to do something I love , I really don't want to pass that up. I'm jus scared that ill be married one day and my husband will here about it or someone I really care about will here about it

I think if you hook up with a guy that has a lot of money he will keep it on the downlow. You just tell him that he is the only one and you need money. He will come see you regularly and take care of things. Guys are cool that way. They don't want problems but need to be drained and will pay for it. Give him 100% more than he pays for and he will love it. This one guy that sees me at least once a week gives me money and i just keep him on empty. I mostly suck on him and he loves it. I also get a nut in each hand and pull down on them while i do it and squeeze them some and he goes nuts.

I have to agree. If I could find someone like you, that would blow me, I would go see you a few times a week and pay. Its sad that at 50yrs old and in good health and shape, that I have to resort to being drained outside my marriage. And someone like me would definitely want to keep it discrete. I tend to like to buy little gifts too....LOL

I see no issue with this. Just be careful, maybe get friendly with a bouncer to sort of watch over you. Women have something that guys will pay for, especially married guys who get nothing at home. It's a quick way to make money and both parties are happy.

yeah but don't get a bunch of guys going at the same time. Just a few that have money. I have a friend that does just about anyone and half the time she is having to rupture a guy that trys to hurt her. She said she never misses on a kick and guys just pass out. Its better to have one guy that can help you out and have great sex.

Oh yes, you are so right. I think with a handful of guys that have good jobs, respectable jobs and even married, you will be set for a long time. But I agree, you can't just take anyone off the street without getting to know a little about them. Google search, facebook, etc...

did you enjoy it? it's great to haul cash doing something you enjoy!

My foster sister did the same thing, but she could have come to me or either of her other 2 brothers. She either wanted the sex or more likely to proud to let us know she was in trouble. you did well not to get in to deep, good girl(every girls fantasy to be a hooker for a night,so you"ve had it .

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i do want make money..

add me and we''ll see if we can work something out

A girls go to do what a girls got to do

You made a smart decision given the constraints and the urgency of the situation.

That was a Evil SIN to do!Rather go to say like GOD with that problem!

Sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Only you know. There are plenty of women that had to do what you did and they may not be proud but you did what you had to do. Maybe dance a few nights a week? the lesser of two evils, your a beautiful girl, use that to your advantage.