Sugar Daddy

So I have been on and off of this sd site for over a year. I met someone once last year and ended up giving him a ****job for $150. I've struggled financially and have dropped $15,000 this year in pay. I'm single, no one to help me financially and I'm filing bankruptcy and still have a hard time every paycheck. I've been speaking to A for a long time but have always canceled, some times right before we are supposed to meet. I'm fine with the sex I'm more concerned with the slim chance he is a cop. Crazy but that's my fear. I have read that as long as your doing something in addition to sex you can't get in legal trouble. Any thoughts or knowledge on this?????
Daizy31 Daizy31
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Ask him straight out if he is a cop. In this state, he doesn't have to give you any answer, but if does answer that question, it can't be a lie!

You will be fine. sex is amazing and if you get compensated for it the much better ;)