My First Time For Money

Once in one of my in-laws wedding my sister-in-law caught me having sex with my brother in law (her brother) in store room which is in terrace. I am aware that she also has some extra marital flings but do not have proof. Moreover many people are aware or say already has doubt on me. Later she sent me pictures which she took in which I was bent over a table and my sari was around my waist and he is ******* me from behind. It was taken from a distance however it was an enough proof for my husband. So after that wedding I call my sis-in law and frankly asked she initially asked like what will do if she didn’t delete these pictures and like stuff.

I understood and asked her about the deal, she said that she and her friend (male friend) are coming to resort in my city next weekend and they want to join them for fun. I said no. On which she again said that her Friend is very rich and can give me upto $500 plus she will delete all the photos. I thought that is a huge amount for a homemaker and obviously I will have some weekend fun, I said OK but what is the catch. She said from Saturday morning till Sunday I will follow their instruction only and secondly I will not carry any bags. I said but how will I convince my husband, she said that she will handle this.

On that day, she came to pick me up from my place. I was wearing a jeans and halter neck top. She was in a short skirt and a white blouse. When we reached the resort, his friend is waiting at his private cottage, which has a private pool. I said hello to him and short introduction. Just after this my sister-in-law asked me to *****, I said ‘what?’ she said ‘yes sweetie and you will wear your cloths back on tomorrow when we leave this place’ at first I was reluctant to do this but it was also making me horny to be naked throughout day. Since I already anticipated sexual fun, I prepared myself for this like I removed all unwanted hairs from my ***** and arm pits. So I ***** my jeans, top and undergarment. She and her friend also undid their clothes however my sis-in-law ***** her thongs and his friend remains in boxer. I saw first time my sis in law nude, she got a huge boobs, large brown areolas and big nipples. She wore a very flimsy thong and she also has clean shaved *****. Her friend is a huge man but not so big ****. I wondered how my sis-in law has boyfriend like this( since she is also married)

Then his friend came near to me and took a close view of my naked body and gave a pat on my *** cheeks and told my sis in law that ‘She is a nice ****’ and then both of them smooched me turn by turn and pressed my boobs. Then the door knocked and before I went inside another room his friend answers the door. He ordered food and booze and the waiter who bring that took a good view of my full body and semi naked of my sis-in law. I sis-in law shouted on his friend on which he said with a wicked grin “It is OK and everbody know that for what purpose I came with you *****” and winked. Then we had some food and booze. When my sis-in law and her friend gulped 3 drinks she asked me to sit between her legs and start licking *****, while she will suck his friend penis. I start licking, though it was for first time I am licking ***** but somehow I like it, the smell is making me more horny and wet down under. Suddenly I saw that her friend his standing and asked to suck but not sitting anymore. So I bent and start sucking his fat **** and he is pressing my dangling boobs. When I am busy giving him a ******* she came behind me and start licking my dripping *****, it was an out of the world experience a women tongue on your *****. Suddenly I felt something around by butt hole. It is a ***** which she is inserting in my virgin *******. I was scared and before I asked her to stop she shove it inside and when she pushed it inside initially it hurts but later it was quite a nice experience. I got so horny by this that her friend came inside my mouth and I swallow the whole ***. (I never did this before)

Later we went inside the bedroom and his friend first ****** me while she was sitting on my face and being licked and later I insert that ***** inside her anus while her friend is ******* me. Then he ***** her up while I sit on my sis-in laws face. Then his friend asked me to lick his balls when he is ******* her and I did so. Then we break for skinny dip and lunch.
After lunch he I again sucked his penis and make it hard and then he asked that I have a nice *** and he want to **** my ***. I had no choice and moreover I experienced a ***** so I agreed. My sis in law put some lube on her friend’s **** and helped in to push that thing inside. When he was ******* my *** my sis-in law put that ***** inside my ***** and her vagina is on my face which I was licking with pleasure. Later he also ***** my sis-in law.
It continued till night and then after dinner we have bath together and we off for sleep since we all are very exhausted.

In morning when I woke up my sis in law is sucking my already erect nipples and she is also nude. When she saw me, she started smooching for which I also responded. Then we took bath together and in shower he licked me and thanked me for making this trip memorable. Then I inquired about her friend that who is he. She said he is her boss and this will give her a pay hike.
Then we came out of shower her boss woke up and saw us together dressed on which he laughed and said why you ******* got dressed. I need a parting **** and he came to us we quickly undid our pants and ****** both of us.
Then he gave me the agreed amount and thanked me for coming.

This was my first experience for having sex for money.

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Nice. swallowed ***, ate ***** and got ****** in your *** ! my kind of sexy **** ! mmmmmmmm

Hot !!!!!! Ever had sex for money again ???

very good story do you still see him for money

Hot story

Wow you were so agreeable to everything they wanted you to do and experience. You are a good **** ! Aren't you ? And now since you actually take money for your sexual favors , i guess that makes you a ***** too... Very exciting, wish i could be paid to have sex...


how many ******* did you have?

nice story
i love it