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Just To Please My Dom

Well i said i'd never sell myself, but my Dom insisted i had the experience just once and set up a meeting with a man off the net who wanted a CD **** and was willing to pay for her services. His request was simply to look slutty, be in fishnet tights and be at the said location for 5pm, yes in broad daylight. He was a black business man, big bodied but with a **** to match, Almost 10" he wanted me to gag on and he wanted to pay for it for his kick as well.
I was driven to the lane half an hour before the meeting, my Dom had me put on my fishnet tights and heals, a lacy black top and then have a walk around outside practicing my walk with my **** exposed through the fishnets. I paraded up and down as he instructed but then got the shock of my life as i turned to see a large framed women on her horse approaching. I ducked behind the car and as she got closer she simply nodded, and said, "Don't hide, you've got great legs".

My Dom told me to go and pat her horse, and with a bright red face i did as i was instructed. She looked down and said it was a regular sighting and i shouldn't be shy down here, and dismounted and cupped my balls in her hands. She had to hold the horse but tease i should sample a bit of her crop for being a naughty girl. I smiled and she joked that it wouldn't be the first pair of *** cheeks it had struck. She told me to turn and bend over, i did just that holding my ankles and omfg, it stung.
She wasn't gentle, but it had the desired effect, my **** was solid and as i stood and turned to face her she looked happy. She introduced herself as Debbie and said if she wasn't out riding she would of ripped my tights open and i would of had to of ****** her. She was brazen and i loved her instantly. She took my hand pulling her jodhpurs out and pushed my hand down inside. God, this women was wet, and joked that's all we ride for you know, I've *** twice already, and you could tell she was sodden.
She asked if we were around for long and my Dom told her we may see her later if we were, she kissed me full on the lips and told me she hoped we were. She re saddled and trotted off down the lane and my Dom was laughing at my red face and bottom. He told me to get in as my client would be there soon and drove further on, pulling into the gated area and let me put on my skirt before wishing me good luck, and drove off. Now i was nervous, i'd always had the security of the car to jump into, but now i was alone and looking like a hooker.
5 Minutes passed, and as i was told the silver estate pulled onto the gravel and stopped. He smirked with a huge white toothed grin, asked if i was Davina and I nodded. He called me over, his penis was already out and hard, glistening with pre *** and looking menacing, he told me not to **** about and get to work.

At this time I hadn't got a clue my Dom had cut back through the woods on foot and taken these, so as my client reclined his chair, my head went through the window and i started to lick at the tip of this monster.

My Dom i was told after was enjoying the view and the show, but i never expected what happened next as my client said i wasn't taking it like he was told I would, his hand grabbed the back of my neck and i was pulled into the car, every inch stuffed in my throat and face ****** for all he was worth. My heals had left the ground and his strong arms had pulled me stranded on the door dangling as he face ****** me, now unable to see or hear if anyone was coming.

It took around five minute with him only stopping twice for me to get my breath to ***, masses of the stuff went down my throat and flowed around my mouth. His ***** had my taste buds tingling as i gulped his load down, licking and sucking his **** to complete my job for the afternoon. He finally released me, took his wallet out and handed me a £20 note, thanking me and zipped himself back up before asking what other services i offered. 
I told him it wasn't a regular thing but just got laughed at, and told to be in the same place next week at the same time as he wanted to **** me properly and would have a lot more time to use me, he told me what he would pay, said goodbye and sped off up the lane. My Dom appeared behind the trees and gate behind me clapping and saying, "Bravo you *****". I felt like one, and asked where the car was. He handed me his phone telling me it was in the next cutting. He said i could look through the pics as i walked and darted back into the woodland. I nervously walked back down the lane and was pleased to see the car. I jumped in, and studied the photos you see, now i did feel cheap. 
We drove back to where we started, and relaxed for a while, hoping some other men might be around but the first vehicle to appear was a 4x4 that pulled straight in. My Dom joked it might be more business, but as the door opened, i was pleased to see Debbie step from the car, but not alone now and not in riding gear, she had an equally large lady with her now and both had flared mini skirts on and heals with white blouses. They explained they were stable owners not just riders, and i was told that when Debbie had told Pam of her sighting, she insisted on getting an eyeful herself. They walked over and she introduced Pam asking if i was just going to sit there or if i was up for a little fun, feellng each other, unbuttoning there blouses and released there huge saggy breasts and began to fondle each other. 
My Dom got out, took the travel rug from the boot and lay it down on the ground smirking his head off. Debbie took my hand and led me to the rug telling me to lie down and to enjoy myself. I lay down and the two stood over me, although big, there bodies and legs were toned, calves bulging and i could see straight up there skirts as they walked around. The large round arses looked red from the riding, and Debbie began to lower herself 
down over my face. Soon darkness had fallen, her sodden ***** was on my face and her voice was telling me to lick all her *** from her sweaty ***** as she had *** four times while riding. She didn't need to tell me this, it was obvious. I could hardly breathe, but my tongue entered, her full ***** covered my mouth as i explored inside her ****. 
I was pinned down and hands were ripping my tights open. I heard Debbie angrily tell my Dom no photos, and felt a warm mouth which was obviously Pam's take my **** into her lips. All seven inches were taken and i could feel her tongue darting out onto my balls as Debbie ground herself on my mouth. It was heavenly, smothered by ***** as my **** was released and the tongue licked and sucked on my balls working under, and between my bottom. My legs were pulled up and back, Debbie took them holding them as Pam's tongue began to tease my rim. I was close to ******* and desperately trying to hold back as her tongue pushed inside and her mouth sucked hard on my arse. 
Debbie flooded my face ******* again as my anus was licked and sucked for several minutes. I was bucking at them for attention to my ****, but they didn't stop until i heard them both moan out and *** again. 
Debbie got herself up and off me, daylight hit my eyes again and i thought it was all over until Pam swapped places and took her throne on my mouth as Debbie had done. she instructed me to do as good a job as she had, adjusting until my tongue was lapping at her anus and on entering she pushed down hard forcing it easily inside. 
Debbie's lips found my ****, then released it and the familiar feeling of ***** was sliding down my shaft. I heard her say she had wanted this since seeing it and she began to bounce up and down on top of me. Pam was yelling out now as i licked inside her hole, it tasted musty and from the opening had obviously had some use. But i didn't care about that, all i cared about was my ***** beginning to bubble, and then erupting inside Debbie's **** who screamed out, "YES, fill me you dirty ****". 
I was spent, worn out and so tired as Pam got herself off me. The light so bright, my eyes squinting, my face covered in so much ***** juice and it tasted amazing as i licked my lips. The girls were playing and Pam squatted down in front of Deb, licking at her ***** against the car until she had eaten out my load, showing me her messy mouth and simply said, "Delicious". I finally stood wobbling on my heals, and they both grabbed me hugging me and thanked me both saying they needed that. My Dom thanked them too and apologised for the photo showing he had deleted it and allowing Debbie to look at his phone. Debbie went to the car returning with her card, handed it too me asking if if i knew anyone who needed stables to give her number to them. She asked what i did and when i told her she asked if i'd mind popping around sometime as she could find me some work and there would always be something to do, then joked, and somebody. I watched as they walked to the car, and Pam turned and told me that next time i was ******* her. I nodded knowing that with those ladies i wouldn't have a choice anyway. 
I got in the car and my Dom wet wiped me down, cleaned my face, **** and balls and arse and asked if I was pleased i had come out to play. I always am with him and can't wait for our next meet, but today, i'm visiting the stables to price some work and have been told to make sure i have my nylons on. Good times :)
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Lucky guy, wish I had a dom like that

wish that would happen to me