Farm Sex

I love having sex on the farm, not just in the barn. Doing it in the barn is great fun, I mostly have softer hay so its better. I love to keep my wellingtons (rubber boots) on too for that extra kink
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2011

I'dloveto beon a farm so Icould wear my welies all day and ppaddle through the muddy gateways where cows have churned up the ground into aquagmire. Finishingup in the barn with muddy wellies for a sex session would be perfect

Oh yes, farms are wonderful places for Wellington Boots. Particularly dairy farms where the cows come in to be milked and leave their soft mess to be cleared up, and slopped through in our Wellingtons! I remember being in the kitchen having supper one day when the farm hand, a nice girl around 20, came in with her boyfriend both in their Wellingtons almost completely covered in soft wet mud. No prizes for guessing what they had been doing - I was so jealous!

farm sex is wonderful making love in my wellies makes me horny my girlfriend loves it especially when my wellies are covered in cowmuck

Nothing beats wearing wellies getting them covered in cow **** it is so horny then have a **** in the milking parlour