I Forgot I Had Until I Saw This Group!

I mean, we have had sex in the tub a lot, but this one I just remembered, and figured I would share it!

Yea, I went to go to my byfriend's house (now hubby).  But, the house he was living in, the air conditioner was out.  We were both horny, but had no where else where we could be alone.  His roomates were all gone, cause of the heat, so we decided this was a good as place as any.  So, we started, and realized how f*cking hot it was, so we got into the tub and turned on the cold water, full blast.  It was awesome.  You know, something different.  Hopefully our air never runs out... but it was definately something I wanna do again.
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9 Responses Jul 27, 2010

I've done this. It can be a lot of fun.


you like it? :-)

I would love to join you in the tub, thats for sure

Never done it in a tub sounds fun though!

Can i watch?

sounds hot

You can join!

Can I be him next time lol

Can I watch? ;)