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Behind My Boyfriends Back. Literally.

My boyfriend, 3 of his friends and I went for a game of tennis. My boyfriend put all of the equipment in the front passenger seat so me and the boys were all stuck in the back. I wore looong white socks, tennis shoes, a short skirt and tank top. No underwear. And the boys wore gym shorts. So there I was, crammed on the laps of 3 very hot men. They kept rubbing my legs, while I rubbed their abs. God they were rock hard. Their bulges were SO much bigger than my boyfriends wimpy teeny weeny. So I made him turn up his music all the way and I got to work.

I pulled out my breasts and put the boys hands over them. Then I pulled their shorts down and started stroking their hard dicks. I moved over and sat on the guy on the lefts lap. I grabbed his member and slid it up my ***** and sucked on the other boys. They all took turns on me. ***. *****. Mouth, breasts, and hands. . .smiley
Hornikittee Hornikittee 18-21, F 7 Responses Oct 19, 2010

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Sounds like game set match for those three lucky guys. Did your boyfriend ever look back and see what you where doing or no

Well well you are one horny piece of work,bet you could **** all night and still want more in the morning

just a fun time for all

My first wife was like you. She would **** anything in pants. Not being monogamous can have disastrous consequences down the line.

hott. some girls just love ****. nothing wrong with that.

Want to know a secret, Kiddo? He had that mirror bent down and he watched it all!

Nice, there must have been *** all over you.