**** Blocker

It was a silly game we played,called "Take one for the team".
My three mates and I would toss a coin before we went out and the looser would have to wine,dine or flirt with the least attractive girl of any group we met.
On this night,we went to a toga party at the Manchester School of Medicine.As always,medics gave the most raucous parties,with splif and bongs a plenty.
We spotted a group of first year interns and deployed the Adonis,Greg,a half black south African & half Scottish hunk,( if you saw him,even you'd have had to agree) to divide and concur.I had drawn the short straw,so I dutifully followed him in and started chatting up what I thought was the '**** blocker ' of the bunch,a large breasted but butch looking geeky girl.
As the evening wore on and the party thinned out we agreed to move the party to the girls pad,as their student hall was nearer.
On reaching their flat, we could all hear the unmistatakable sounds of a couple going at it like there was no tomorrow.
When we walked into the flat,the first site that hit us was two women entwined in a sixty nne position,lying side by side,with a guy sitting by their side wanking away.
My "date" seemed totaly unfased and pulled me into the first room next to the sitting room,closely followed by Geg and his date.
With two beds practically side by side ,each of us could clearly see what we were both doing.
I am sure the moans and grunts from the girls were a little more pronounced for effect.
The sound of the two girls in the sitting room was soon drowned out by the vigorous pounding Greg was giving his date doggy style
As my Amazonian wonder woman ,hairy as hell,insisted bring her off first with my tongue,so she could watch them first!
A willing **** diver,I enjoyed every moment of it and was rewarded with my first invitation to Anal sex without having to sly my way .
Blew my wad in record time but was good enough to have been invited back...but that's another story!
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We used to play the same game,but on the Isle of Wight....there the clubs were full of Swedish students so finding a 'Dog' was quite difficult! One of our friends called Steve always used to win,a very handsome tanned beach boy type.We were always amazed at how he'd choose the prettiest girl,who was always with a dragon....then slowly entice the dragon to dance with him,smootch,then go home with him! As for us the winner was the guy that ****** the dragon,not the loser!We had so much fun,simply because all the pretty girls didn't know why we were attracted to the dragons,and so they dropped their knickers even faster,we had the pick of the club!<br />
Just try going out with a gang of eight guys,all dressed up looking like popstars,but they go for the fattest,uglyiest,most unattractive girls in the club.....the snooty pouting so called pretty girls,go really strange and will offer anything to avoid being left out....it's fantastic fun!!!<br />
Of course all that was years ago when I was 18!.....but mind you,just look at any pair of girls,usually there's a dragon hanging out with beauty bomb,the beauty always gets a **** at the click of her fingers,but the dragon has to wait weeks,if not months.....so when you chat to them they're bubbling hot right from the start.....if you go all the way,it's usually a good romp! And don't forget,when a beauty gets her guy,the dragon is left to go home alone,but if the dragon leaves a pretty girl alone.....that's no good,so you propose to invite them both back,and they ALWAYS say yes!<br />
But we were a rowdy bunch back then,the best dancers in the club,always superbly dressed and we made sure we had enough cash between us........so much fun!

Just goes to show you can't judge a book by the cover...lol. Agreed on the anal. The few times my ex-wife would allow it, I was done pretty quick due to the tightness of her too.

Your said it PSULLY69! Care to share?

Congrats ! anal sex is hot and its not unusual to blow ur load in record time. most chicks *** holes are incredibly tight ! much different that when u are balls deep in a ***** !