Yep, Mtsu Dorm

My second-year at MTSU I spent it in the dorms on campus. It was sorta ******/sorta cool...and a little odd because I'm older than a typical student. Ran back into a lil' bit of drugs and socializing like crazy because even an isolationist like me can go stir-crazy spending 9 months living in a little cube of a room (though I had no roommate, score!).

Yea, had sex there too, not nearly as much as I wanted, with a g/f I broke up with that Sep. She'd still come around on the weekends and we'd get it on. I swear though those dorm beds are made to squeak as loud as they possibly can! We had on-and-off "well we broke up but haven't really found anyone else yet"-sex until about the next...february I think? Something like that.

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Trust me i know lol i had the same experience lol at the same school too

They seemed think it's a diterent,but it was more of a turn on!!

yeah those beds really squeak and the walls are like hollow too! :-)