Had Sex In a College Dorm Room

My boyfriend at the time attended University of Miami in Oxford Ohio. We live 8 hours away since I was attending U of Iowa. During his second semester I decided to drive up and surprise him. I know his roommate so I brought them both some food. I accidentally spilled it over myself. Looking totally foolish!

 There was a co ed shower down the hallway. I got undress and wrapped myself with a towel. It has the biggest towel they had just enough to cover me. I run down the hall and quickly got myself washed up. As I came back the door was locked! I realized I locked myself out. I’m shaking with water dripping wet. It was around lunch time. I didn’t know when his roommate or he was going to come back. As I’m trying to open the door I can feel my face burning for the embarrassment. Then I see this hot blonde stud coming towards me. Are you trying to see Nate? Yes but I locked myself out, I said. He guided me towards his dorm room as handed me other towel. It didn’t help any b.c it was smaller than the first. I’m Ryan he said. I explained to him what happened and how I’ve been driving for eight hours. As he took off his shirt my eyes widen. Tan and muscular with a preppy boy look he put on some music. There was one bed in the room and a computer desk and chair. He hopped on the bed next to me. He opens his German book and practices on me. I don’t found the German language a bit romantic but he sure put a smile on my face. I got under the covers and started to dry my hair. Don’t be shy he said. I have 3 sisters at home. Impure thoughts were racing in my mind. What would he think if I suddenly crawl my wet body on top of him? Pinned him towards the wall and stroke my hands towards his ****. Drop my towel and press my breast against his as I kiss his soft lips. Guess I’ll never found out. Nate stopped by after class. Take better care of your girlfriend, Ryan said. We all laugh and as soon we got back to his dorm room…well you can guess what happens next..


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Lost my virginity at University of Iowa and subsequently had a **** load of sex in the dorms there. Awesome time!! I would have taken good care of you if I found you stuck in the hallway ;)

I think this story would fit under the "Most Embarrassing Being Caught Nude Story" forum better.

Erotic story!

Isn’t it a beautiful campus. The girls there were voted hottest for playboy college campus; I was told.

Damn! I live only 15 miles from that campus - you should have stopped in to see ME! lol