Adventure To Meet The Mystery Woman

It was a Saturday afternoon, I was standing in my garage having a cig. and a couple beers, when my phone rang. It was the mystery woman I meet online calling. I thought about the past phone conversation that we have had and the number of ******* she had just by talking to her, and thought this is the day things are going to change. I answered the call an once again it was aparent she was horny. Here was my chance to take the leap and meet this woman and get laid. I cut into the conversation and told her I was coming over. Her reply was you have said that before and never showed up. I finihed my beer and jumped in the car and headed to the other side of town. At the first stop light I texted her that I was on my way. She still didn't believe me. When I was just a few miles from where she lives I texted her again telling her what I see out the window. Within five minutes I was pulling in her driveway. Walking up to the door I was thinking, what is she going to think? What does she look like based on the discription she told me on the phone? She opened the door with this big smile on her face looking hot! She could not believe I was standing their in front of her. She gave me a kiss and I asked her if she would like to leave and have a drink. Driving to the local bar she was all smiles and I knew this was going to end just the way I wanted it to, and she would end up not just having one ****** but many. All night long.
amity1usa amity1usa
46-50, M
May 16, 2012