There have been many times. But the one that stands out most is the time I was out with some friends and this girl I really liked came out to met me unexpectedly. To make a long story short we met up and tried to go see a movie but it was to late so we went back to the parking lot of a Friday's and we made out and had sex. Within the rear-view mirror I saw this flashing red light and thought that was strange and told the girl I was with, she said lets give him a show and wanted me to **** her on the hood of my car. Me being the shy person that I am / was said no ( I wanted to go kick his ***) but instead I continued to **** her inside my car. He moved around a bit so I wasn't sure if they were both on it together I never know to this day. It ended up being one of my one night stands, wish it wasn't cuz she was great.
alivetobefree alivetobefree
36-40, M
Aug 8, 2010