I've had a lot of sex in parking lots. ... a lot of great sex actually.

The best was when my girl was going down on me while we were parked and I was in the driver seat. It was in my pick up truck with a bench style seat. She had my pants almost down to my knees and she was wearing a skirt. While she was sucking me, she used her free hand to get her panties off and had just stopped licking the pre-*** from my ccock, then she got up on top of me and started to ride me. Just as she started, I could see flashlights about 100 yards away. She didn't see them and I wasn't about to call off the fun prematurely. With in seconds of me blowing my load, 2 security guards tapped their maglite on my window and scared the hell out of my girl. The windows were pretty steamed so they didn't have a great view but they certainly knew what we were doing. I rolled down the window and they told me I was trespassing and wanted to make sure my girl wasn't being abused or there against her will. The poor girl was mortified and though it added to the excitement for me, she lost her appetite for that parking lot. We had actually had sex there at least 5 times before, but that was the last. We found many other places and even ended up beside another vehicle once that appeared empty, until my girl got on top of me to ride, noticed the girl in the car beside us was doing exactly the same thing. That was so hot.
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When I was in the Air Force, Debbie and I were on the same bowling league. Since we lived close together, we traveled together. We always stayed to chat and have a drink or two so neither spouse were expecting us home immediately. We stopped in one of the fields, behind some trees and ****** like crazy. We were really getting into a date rape scenario and I had just *** in her when the base police pulled up. We scrambled to get covered. We got off with a warning never to park there again. Luckily never even asked us for IDs.