Nightclub Dance Floor

I went with a bunch of friends to a gay club on "straight" night. My friend, Josh had convinced me that going to a "gay" club was a sure way to score 'cause the girls weren't getting the attention they were used to getting at other clubs. Man was he right! There were so many hot girls there, but most of the guys were gay so we had almost no competition. The club was outside of city limits and although they stopped serving alcohol at two am, the party continued. It got really crazy when they turned on the bubble machine.
I had been dancing with several smoking hot girls throughout the night and it was a great boost for my self confidence. The girl I liked best was a girl named Amber. She had honey blonde curly hair, a gymnast's body, and she was wearing skin-tight black stretch pants and a loose golden blouse that looked like a circle of fabric twisted and hanging around her neck. When she danced, I could see her breasts clearly bouncing freely in her top. Another thing I liked about her was the way she stayed on me when we danced. she never had her face more than a few inches from mine and she was certainly grinding on my leg.
Once they started shooting bubbles on the dance floor, she really became uninhibited. Now she became overtly sexual and started grabbing my **** through my slacks. I tried to pull her off the dance floor so we could find a quiet corner where I could **** her, but she had other ideas. She pulled me back onto the floor and shouted into my ear the word "wait."
Okay, I thought. "She likes to tease" I decided to wait and see where she was going with this. After a few minutes the bubbles were thigh deep and you could not see the floor at all. She pointed to our side. Three feet away from me a guy was on his knees giving another guy a ******* right there on the dance floor. People were dancing around them completely unfazed by the sex happening right there in front of them. Amber smiled at my look of shock then started undoing my pants. She pulled her breasts out of her shirt and pulled me close. She had me suck her nipples as she stroked my ****. All of this was going on in the middle of the dance floor with techno music pumping and a crowd of people dancing around. She slid her pants down and turned around to grind against my ****. Next thing I know I am balls deep in her ***** ******* her like crazy and she is leaning back against me while rotating her hips in time to the music. The bubbles might've hid what we were doing from the waist down, but her **** were hanging out for all to see and I was to far gone to try to pretend I was doing anything other than ******* her. We went on like this for I don't even know how long but it seemed like forever. Some girl I never met came up in front of Amber and started kissing her and playing with her breasts. That was it for me. I shot so hard it made my toes curl. Several people around us applauded while I leaned in against Amber. I went to the restroom to clean up and several guys teased me for my performance and I am sure I was beet red. When I came out I couldn't find her or the girl who was kissing her. I finally found my friends in the car in the parking lot smoking a one hit pipe and when I arrived they started laughing. Oh well, I had a great time and my horizons were expanded. I never did see Amber again, and no one in my circle of friends knew who she was.
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It just hit me--you were at a "gay nightclub" on straight night- found a beautiful girl, Never saw her naked below thee waist? Wanna bet you ****** a TS in the ***?

Sounds like an old Penthouse forum letter.

Holy crap, I'm in Colorado, where did this happen?

After ******* Amber in plain view there were definitely a number of other girls and guys that would have loved to do you right there themselves.