Hot And Steamy

My lover leaning back,
I'm on my knees if front of him,
Water sliding down the front of his body,
Hard **** pointing at my face,
Water rushing along his ****,
And into my mouth,
I fill my mouth with warm water,
Then wrap my mouth around his ****.
He told me it was like a hot, wet *****.

Another day,

He takes the shower massage head off the rack,
Turns it on to a gentle/hard massage setting,
Makes the water a little hotter,
Aims it at my ****,
While he fills me with his throbbing ****.
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6 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Any woman on her knees with my **** in her mouth whether its in the shower or a stall in the men's room at a club is really O K in my book. You are considered an open and caring lover whose sexuality is blossoming.



Wow, your shower scene really turned me on.

Well, it must be a tasty-treat, because we both smile breathlessly while I'm lapping it up! |-P I've loved pee-play since I got out of nappies, and never wanted to go back into them, either. :-)) My gf's have convinced me I'm not wrong, they always share the warm-wet-fun with enthusiasm! ;-P

Similar, but different. What does it taste like? There seems to be quite an interest in water play here on EP and it's made me a bit curious about the attraction that people have to this activity.

My lover leaning back,<br />
I'm on my knees if front of her,<br />
Water sliding down the front of her legs,<br />
Hard stream pointing at my face,<br />
Water rushing through her ***** crack,<br />
And into my mouth,...<br />
<br />
Hmmmm! We indulge in similar fun!<br />