Yes I Did

I have tried this many times and some have worked out and some have not been the best experience. But the hottest time was a few months ago where me and my wife were taking a shower together to get clean and to spice things up. She had a few glasses of wine to drink and feeling pretty good and it was about 9:15pm and we got into the shower and cleaned each other off with some soap. She surprised me by going down on me taking my **** inside of her mouth and giving me a nice blow job to where I almost came because I wasn't expecting it.
Then she raised up we kissed as I fingered her tight ***** to get her nice and wet she then spun around and bent over for me this was a true treat for me. I moved up behind her kissed her neck and moved her hair to the right side of her shoulder and then entered her from behind. To feel the warm shower spraying on my back and feeling her warmth inside her ***** we started to go at it but she stopped me to finish cleaning up to move to the couch where we finished the night.
alivetobefree alivetobefree
36-40, M
Aug 8, 2010