Sex In The Snow



 About 10 years ago, I was living in wyoming and decided to take a friend out on my snowmobile she was excited and invited some other friends that had the same interest. We had been out all day just playing in snow drifts and we wondered off away from the others. I was cutting through some powder and caught a branch on my ski it through us off and we landed in a snow drift I ended up on top and at that moment I knew. I started to kiss her she just started giggling so I didn't want the moment to pass so I put my cold hands down her shirt and started playing with her nipples they got so hard you could cut glass with them then she took her hand and unbuttoned my pants but my **** was hard as an ice cube so we got right to business laying butt naked in the snow it was such a turn on by the time we finished we heard the others coming so we quickly got dressed but they were too quick and saw us putting on our clothes we just laughed and never told them the story but now I have told you.
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The closest I have came to that again was When My friend divorsed his wife I took her in the moutains with a 12 pack of beer and ****** her in the cab of my truck there was snow on the ground so in the middle I rubbed snow on her **** huge by the way 48 DDD I believe there an EE cup now yes she was a bigger girl but had a meaty vag to chew on that was fun years later I got drunk and told my buddy about it he got a little pissed then told me just never say anything about it again. **** the whole time they were marraied we liked to get drink alot at there house and he would ask me to touch her and ***** **** her but I refused I think I did fingerbang her once and get a blow job but that was the extent and nothing else happend.

So have you repeated the experience since then, either with your friend or with your wife? I've had sex in the snow quite a few times!