I Took The Initiative

after some time of my wife to be wanting group sex (together) and me feeling reluctant due to not being sure how i would deal with this inside a solid relationship she raised the subject with one of her best friends. she was keen but the talk never moved onto action for some time. after some months of suggestive talk and innuendo we were all camping with our respective children. after the kids were all asleep we had several drinks and good convo and laughs. we took shelter from a mild rain in one tent when my fiance took a walk to the toilet block. her friend set about changing into something 'more comfortable' . i felt due to our previous conversations and innuendos comfortable with telling her how sexy i thought she looked in her state of undress and she was immediately by my side kissing me. my fiance arrived back at the tent to find me kissing her friend and indulging in her semi naked body. slightly supprised but obviously keen she joined us both and this led to some of the longest,dirtiest and most enjoyable sex i have ever had with both the two girls and myself ending up outside in the middle of the campsite next to an open fire having great sex under the stars for several hours......awesome. think carefully guys though, this may be a dream to all of us blokes but unfotunately the other girl concerned turned out to be a real grief causing relationship destroyer and caused me an the missus some real hard times!! i wouldnt go back on those hot filthy nights for anything but would choose a less mental girl to involve in a close relationship next time lol! we are no longer together as a part result of this so if any two girls fancy a camping trip let me know lol.
scotty66 scotty66
Jul 30, 2010