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So I click on the category so I can add my story, and the first thing I hear is an advertisement for Lysol disinfect-tent. Come on, people!  Don't ask me to share something so intimate when you're pushing cleanliness on me!  Sheesh!  It was only sex, after all.  Our tent didn't reek the next morning, the grass around us hadn't died, and bird carcasses didn't fall from the sky.

Anyway, that's not what I came here to tell everyone.  I just got sidetracked.

In fact, and for the record, it's quite possible my daughter was conceived in that tent.  You know what they say?  Be careful what you wish for (meaning sex in a tent), because I certainly got it.  Wasn't too long after that my wife complained about not feeling well.  Being a man, I didn't clue in.  To be fair, however, she didn't either, until she missed her period, which NEVER happens. 

My wife and I have been divorced a long time now, and I'm the proud and happy father of an eight-year-old daughter.  Life isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn good.

No skanky details this time, folks.  Just to mention I partook in this fresh-air experience too.
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Details please....

When my ex and I broke up I was completely devastated. She stuck by her guns, though, in not reconciling with me. It took me more than two years, probably even three, before I finally accepted we would never be together again. I'm over it now -- and I won't go into the specific details of why we broke up beyond the vague reason of personal differences and habits -- and I'm glad I am. I suffer from depression, which may have made my marriage loss all the harder for me to take.

I understand. Learning how to live with most of your brain scrambled, and 3/4 of your heart ripped out takes that sort of time.
I'm glad you are sounding more forward looking. Good fortune!

Thanks for sharing, but what I had been asking for was the details of the sex in the tent experincen. LOL!

Oh. Well, if you've ever ****** on the floor, workplace bench or hood of your car, that's pretty much what it was like: Nasty and rough.

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