Akron Adult Theatre

I heard about a video adult theatre with viewing rooms outside of Akron. One day I took the ride, got my tokens and walked carefully into the dark viewing booth area. Guys milling around. I entered, closed the door, inserted my token dollars and dropped my pants. As I got hard, I pressed the view button next to a white glass window. It turned clear and I was viewing a guy stroking his as I was stroking mine. He waved me over so I left my video run closed my door and went into his booth. He immediately got down on his knees, pulled my pants down, grabbed my ***, and mouthed me complete. Sucked me twice and swallowed everything! I went back many times, sometimes getting sucked off and sometimes getting a hand job. They finally removed all doors and f'd up everything. In Columbus now looking for some new fun.
WildWilly4444 WildWilly4444
51-55, M
3 Responses Jan 17, 2011

I love and miss those days

Public sex is against the law everywhere. They especially look down on lewd behavior amongst men. They are concerned for your safety against the spread of diseases. That's why any new abs isn't allowed to add preview booths such as this any more. More and more are closing down, because the men aren't coming in like they once did to get off with other men.

I'm in Akron also. Not sure if it is against the law, or against the rules, but they have removed the doors on all booths in this area.