First Date

Me and my girlfriend went to the mall to see a $1 movie of "Planet 51." We knew already what we wanted to do and had talked about it before. When we walked in there were enough people that we had to change our plans. We sat next to the wall near the back. We started talking then kissed a little waiting for the movie to start. Before the lights dimmed down my dad walked in and found us. He said " just checking on you" then sat a few rows in front. I was thinking crap but she thought otherwise.
The movie started and a few minutes in she whispers to me" do you wanna feel me?"
My heart started racing as I looked at her. She unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down a bit then grabbed my hand an put it on her panties. I slid my hand inside her underwear and felt her bush. She then said " lower" and I felt lower. She was so wet. I slid my finger inside of her as she arched her back and gasped. I started fingering her. I tried to keep my eyes on the movie because there were families near by. At one point she moaned a little at which i pulled out and whispered be quiet. I had no intention of being caught. I continued fingering her until the back doors to the theater opened and let a bunch of light in. I pulled out my fingers fast and felt scared. I turned around and saw them closed again. I was so nervous. She then whispers" can I feel you?" I looked at her and slowly unzipped my pants. I grab her hand and place it on my penis. Oh my god. It felt amazing. Her hands were cold and she lightly pulled the skin down exposing my head to the air before pulling back up. I was trying so hard not to look like I was getting a hand job. After a few minutes she asks" do you want me to suck it?" I froze. Here I am a virgin getting a hand job from a hot girl and she asks If I want her to suck it. I panicked and said" no lets save that for another time." Wtf brain. So she was content with just slowly stroking it until her phone went off. Turns out her parents were at the mall to pick her up. Half way through the movie I had to walk her out to her parents car. We only did this one more time at the same theater then we broke up. There was no other time and I kick my self every time I think of her. Why didn't you say yes? You were so close.
Jamesmetelen Jamesmetelen
18-21, M
Jan 6, 2013