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Theater Blow Job

I've shared this with a very special member of EP but here it is for general consumption. 

ok, so this is quite a while ago but a good story none the less. we're in a movie theater snuggling up and she's practically in my lap. her arm is around my shoulders and the other is on my thigh. we've been holding hands and getting generally affectionate but now we start kissing. she loves hot kissing frenchy style so she and i are stuffing tongue into each other's mouths and now i'm getting an erection. mind you, ther are people in front of us but we're in the last row. there are people in the same row but on the other side of the isle. so i stuff my left hand down her backside and strat feeling her ***. she starts rubbing my **** through my pants=) i'm happy and horny. i work my other hand up her shirt and start feeling her **** up and working over her nipples. well people start to squirm a little and i'm a bit afraid we may be drawing some attention - but who cares we're both hot and bothered. i lift up her shirt and suck her **** quietly though. then she fumbles to open my fly and whip out my ****.with my left hand i start working on her **** from around the back side. now my **** is out and she can't help herself. i manage to hold her off long enough to get her pants unbuttoned and unzipped so i can really get my fingers up her **** hole. well, she goes down on me righ there! kneeling down now in front of me - she sucks me off and i blow load! she swallows the whole thing! wow, i'll never forget that - but some people in front of us were pretty appalled by the whole thing. fortunately they just kept it to themselves... whew...

samiddleisbest samiddleisbest 46-50, M 6 Responses Mar 3, 2009

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i guy gave me a BJ in a xxxrated theater. I had hoped something like that would happen. the devil in miss jones

Great share! Thanks.

i got a blow job once in a theatre to it was great people looking at her with my unit in her mouth

Wow...I would love to do something like that for a guy...yummy!

No. Just a regular movie theater.

Was this an x-rated theater?