Adult Xxx Theater Party

Being a traveling man I have been to most parts of the U.S. and seen and done things most people have not. I was in the St.Louis area and went to an adult store and found they had recently opened an XXX theater on one side of the building.I payed my entrance fee and stood at the door to let my eyes adjust to the darkness.Not being able to see very well I groped my way down to the second aisle and sat in the first seat.Hearing a noise behind me I figured it to be two guys playing with each other and did not turn around. Now I am a bi man but I did not want to interrupt someone else's fun figuring I'd have a chance later. A few minutes passed and I felt a tap on my shoulder.I turned expecting to see a guy with his **** in his hand. It was a guy alright but he had a woman with him.He motioned me to join them.They moved apart and had me sit between them. His **** was out and shiny with spit so I assumed the lady had been sucking his ****.He leaned over and said to me she's a great **** sucker have her blow you.I said it doesn't look like she's done with you yet. No problem man help yourself it was her idea to have you here she loves to suck.I unzipped my pants and pulled them down and sure enough down she went.I leaned back enjoying the head and looked up to see my friend staring intently as she sucked away. He was stroking his **** and moaning. You need help with that I asked? You bi he said? Sure. He tapped her shoulder and said he's cool honey. We rearranged ourselves so I could suck him while she blew me. After he blew his load and I had swalowed it I looked up to see  dicks pointed at us all jacking. My nuts began to boil and I felt her mouth tighten on my *****. As I fed her my *** I watched as the **** right in front of me erupted.  She sat up looked at her man and he nodded,she reached for one of the dicks in front of her and began sucking him.Her friend said to me she will be here all afternoon till the ***** are all dry.In that case Im don't want to spoil your fun I'll see you later.    
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Your "Party" experience reminded me of a huge "party" error made by a friend's sister. She sent out birthday party invites for her teenage daughter and left a digit out of the address. Instead of the roller rink, it was a XXX movie theater. To make things worse, it was in the days before cell phones so when the parents showed up to drop off their kids, there was no one to call for further instructions. I imagine the stories about that incident followed the poor girl all through high school.

great little surprise hot story

We enjoy the theaters and have been to one in Atlanta, Birmingham and Charlotte. So much fun and interesting people.

Me and my wife just moved hear from Midwest we use to go to the colony there it was a lot of fun

That is an amazing story. Finding a MF couple to have sex with in an adult theater would be like winning the lottery.

There used to be several Glory Holes here in Tulsa. Most have been shut down and patched up, but there is still a theater in the middle of town. it has several mini=theaters on the premises. one of my first trips into the theater was special. I cruzed thru the theaters watching the action. I found one with a nice vid running and walked to the back of the room and leaned against the wall. As the flick progressed, i unzipped and pulled my **** out.. shortly another guy came in and I stuffed my **** back in my jeans. The guy took the seat just past where I was standing. We looked at each other and rubbed our dicks for a while, then i took my back out and started to stroke it. His **** popped right out just after that. We were watching each other, and glancing at the vid screen now and then. Shortly he moved to the seat right in front of where i was standing, leaned over and slowly took my **** between his lips and swallowed the thing. Long, sweet, luxurious strokes and a wonderful hot velvet tongue caressed my ****. I hung on to my load as long as I could, until he slowly sucked in my **** and nestled his chin against my scrotum and he nursed on my **** till i spilled seed down his throat. He licked me clean while I leaned against the wall panting, stood and said, "Thank You" and left.. i've looked for him again every since, but haven't run across him yet.. But,,, I keep looking

Any theaters in Columbus? I am new to the area.

Are adult stores with theater rooms in Farmingdale and W.Babylon New york.<br />
Nothing like the big cavernous adult theaters in NYC where I started in the late 60s and 70s.

There's one down in Santa Cruz called Frenchy's that is a pretty hot place with booths but no more glory holes.

Are there any in Newyork. If so please let me know

i am going to one on monday and getting ****** while i suck a ****

I wish I could find a sex theater in northern california. i live in sacramento but i travel to san francisco every 3 months


I use a regular when i lived in upstate new york.... now that i live in NYC i dont know where they are here... if anyone can help please clue me in where to look for them... thanx

I have a real fetish for **** theaters...have had for years. The theaters close to where I live have all been shut down so Imust travel at 2 hours to get to the nearest one. I go a couple times a year when I have the chance. Wish there'd be more around like there used to be.