the Hand Job

I was in St.Louis a place I knew well.Having a day off I decide to look for some adult entertainment. I headed for a theater I knew of on the Illinois side.This place has 3 seperate rooms showing straight movies in 2 and gay flicks in the third.People will go back and forth looking to hook up or see something different.I went in and went to the first room standing in the doorway I could hear but not see people in the back corner.Unmistakeable sounds of sucking.I went to room 2 and there were 3 maybe 4 guys standing along the back wall.I'm sure ***** were out and being stroked.I moved to the gay room and there was one guy sitting by himself.I stood in the back and watched the movie as a white guy was sucking off a huge black ****.The man sitting in the seat got up and walked by me.Nice looking guy,well dressed,unusual for that place as it usually had some nasty people there.I went back to room one and sat down in the second row of seats on the right side of the aisle.A huge titted blonde was sucking a room full of guys all standing in a circle.I rubbed my **** a little but was in no hurry I had all day. After the blonde got a second load shot in her face I moved again.Standing in the hall smoking a cigarette a guy came up to me.It was obvious what he wanted I just walked away.Going into room 2 again I watched an outdoor **** with  people ******* everywhere.I thought at first I was the only one in the room when I heard a voice to my left say that's pretty hot huh.It was the nice looking guy from the gay room.He moved right next to me and my blood pounded a little harder in my veins.  He smelled as nice as he looked and I thought I'd blow him.Now normally I don't go in for public sex and I worried that there could be undercover cops in the place.We talked for a minute  and finally he reached out and fondled me.I played with his **** and he said let's sit down.I said you go ahead and I'll kneel next to your seat.No he said I don't do that.He told me he enjoyed stroking guys and being stroked but that was it.We sat and were jacking each other.A couple of other men came up but my friend waved them off. He shot his wad first and I milked him dry.He cleaned up with at issue and I opened my legs wide as he stroked me.It did feel good.My bone broth was rising and he sensed my coming shot.He increased his speed and I leaned forward to shoot on the floor.AAAhhh.He thanked me for the fun and left.Having *** I was ready to go myself and after taking a look around to see if anything else hot was going on I left. 
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I really need to find a place like that

That is so exciting. I wish they had theaters like that near me.

eew!! Thats just sick!!!!!!

I love the feel of another mans **** in my hands and I love the feel of another man feeling my **** and gently massaging my balls. I looked for that in the Oregon Theater, but if they wanted anything, they wanted to suck and I didn't want that.

Portland OR has at least a couple theaters where you can do what you want and pretty openly. I went into the Paris theatre, and it has a gay section. I went in there and a guy was rubbing his crotch while viewing. I did the same and eventually pulled out my ****. He watched and rubbed harder. I unzipped him and felt his ****, I love the feel of another mans **** in my hands. I stroked it and put his hands on mine. We stroked each other until I came first then he left. I found out later they have "the bedroom". I should have looked more.

Where's that place on the Illinois side in St Louis? I'm familiar with that area... I had family that lived in the Belleville area at one time. I get back to St. Louis once in a while... I'd LOVE to check that place out! Thanks for the hot story! Mmmmm....

pity we dont have these theatres here, would be fun to stroke or blow 'n go.