The North Shore

I took you to one of my favorite spots of the north shore. I said, "lets walk this way, I've never been to the lake from this area before." So we started to head to the lake... We got there, and you looked so incredibly handsome sitting on that ledge. We started to make out. During that process, I got incredibly turned on. However, there were people all around us.

You said, "come on, lets head back." But I could tell you were feeling it too. On the walk back, we noticed this lodge hanging out in the middle of nowhere. We walked by it to inspect it further. It was completely abandoned. There was a little inlet on the side of the building that had counter tops galore. You kept walking around the building, we read a sign that said, "come in, make yourself at home" We walked in, felt the warmth around us. You pulled me in close and started to make out with me.

I led you back to the inlet and sat up ont he counter. You came forward and took my shirt off. I took your shirt off, and we started to make out passionately. You carried me over to the side counter. You took my pants off, your pants came off.... You slid yourself inside me and you started to do me right there as I sat on the counter.

Right as you were about to ***, you pulled out, got up on top of me, and my hand stroked you the rest of the way until the *** exploded all over my stomach... the hot *** felt so cold against the chilly air surrounding us.

It's a moment in the north shore I'll never forget.
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3 Responses Nov 1, 2010

yes you do. :)

Whew.....Pix fans story girlfriend!!!! :-)

you are a naughty girl of EP. :) <br />
<br />
it sounds like you had lots of fun.